The delusion of marriage

Marriage is an important institution which needs to be entertained by both wives and husbands. Unfortunately, many people do not know the implication of marriage. They often enter marriage for many wrong reasons except for the true reason.

Many men and women want to marry, neglecting their respective roles and duties. If two persons decide to live together, they must sit down and discuss as two responsible persons. Unfortunately, many people lie to each other. they pretend to be someone else. They keep pretending and many times, men fall in love with a beautiful face but an ugly heart. And women often marry a purse rather than a man of DEEN.

Girls who marry for money and boys who marry for beauty are eventually robbed in the end

Marriage cannot be built on precarious things

Many people think that money can conclude anything but in the end, money is just money – a decoration of this world

“Wal maal wal banun are decoration of this world.” – this is a verse of the Quran which clearly states that wealth and children are meant for the decoration of this wealth.

What about beauty? can beauty  keep your heart happy? can beauty feed your heart, mind, soul and body?

Think about it

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