THE CONCEPT OF HALAL TOURISM – Muslims travel safe

There has been an  increase in the number of tourism destinations offering halal products and services. This concept of halal tourism makes it easier for Muslims to travel without neglecting their beliefs.

The following countries make great holiday destinations for Muslims:


Though Mauritius counts only 18 % Muslims, yet Muslims are a well developed community, well-advanced and well-aware of the shariah. While many hotels are NOT YET SHARIAH COMPLIANT – that is, they do not specifically cater for Muslims’ needs, yet halal food can be found almost everywhere. Some fast foods offer halal food.

Go to Bagatelle commercial centre, Phoenix commercial centre and eat halal. It is better of course to eat halal at a Muslim restaurant so that you are 100 % sure you are eating halal. The best place to go and meet Muslims in Port-Louis, the capital of Mauritius. Plaine Verte and its surroundings are a Muslim bastion. There are many street vendors at Rue Desforges, even late at night, selling Biryani, chips, Kebabs etc at cheap prices.

Mauritius has recently made significant attempts to accommodate certain elements of the Islamic culture. The Islamic Cultural Centre at Rue La Paix, Port-Louis is a chef d’oeuvre. Mosques are countless is Mauritius, with more and more beautiful architectures. Muslim tourists will be enthusiastic to see the number of Muslims who wear the hijab, especially in Port-Louis regions.

Shops are too many!!! They sell Male and Female Muslim attires, perfume, tasbih. We count librairies and booksellers though we need to have more islamic books.

Be well aware of this. Also avoid those places who sell pork and try to avoid those places who sell halal as well as alcoholic drinks.

Many Muslims, whether locals or tourists simply neglect HALAL. THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE. Whether they are dressed islamically or not, many Muslims simply do not care about eating halal. They just go for their passions and desires.


How to travel along in Mauritius?

Mauritius is a small island with many places to visit. Mauritius is so beautiful that it is breathtaking. Unfortunately, tourists often rely on travel agencies who take them to limited places to visit.

Travel inside Mauritius either by car or by bus. Train or metro are not available in Mauritius.

While not take a bus? Buses are so many and so cheap!!! If you are going to the seasides, you may opt for a public bus and if you plan to come back to your hotel late, then take a taxi on your return! This can be done.

If you are going to the city such as Port-Louis, Rose-Hill, Curepipe, Quatre-Bornes, Bagatelle, Phoenix commercial centre – there is no need to take a taxi.

To go to Pamplemousses garden, you just need to take a bus as the garden is found on the main road.

However, if you are going to visit some forlorn places, then of course you need a taxi, because buses simply don’t do those routes. Examples, visiting the Vallée des couleurs [23 coloured earth] , Chamarel [the seven coloured earth], Domaine ….



Caudan Waterfront, Port-Louis





Turkey is a transcontinental country situated on the border of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It has many glorious coastlines and is one of the best destinations for both Muslims and non Muslims. The Mauritian government has planned to bring the Turkish airline to Mauritius since the 15th of December.

One of the commonest place to visit is the Taksim region.



Dubai  and Turkey makes a great travel destination for Muslims due to the growing awareness for the need of Shariah-compliant packages in major hotels and restaurants. Many of the halal certified hotels have gone out of their way to ensure halal food availabilities all year round, in order to cater for Muslim visitors  who regularly visit the country.

However, Muslims should be well aware that many non Muslims take advantage of this opportunity to sell their products which may not be halal. so please be well aware of this.

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