The events of the hajj 2015 and its reflection

Since yesterday, many Hajjis have reached Mauritius safely, Al hamdulillah

We are still waiting to receive news about the missing ones. May Allah have mercy upon those souls who have died while accomplishing their hajj. May Allah grant sabr [patience] to their respective families

This year, several ‘sad’ events have occurred during hajj in Saudi Arabia. While there have been many speculations and hearsays. Here is an account of one of the pilgrim who survived the Mina stampede which took the lives of nearly 1000 people!

The stampede lasted for more than hour to the extent that some people died while standing and no one could do anything for them.

The person narrating this said my mind couldn’t completely wrap itself around the hadith’s about the horrors of judgment day (without saying its the same as judgment day) until I lived through this incident. He said after some time after pushing, shoving and suffocating what the pilgrims were wearing started coming off until some of them became completely naked.

Except that the horror of the situation didn’t let anyone look to the private parts of the others and that is similar to what the Prophet informed us about from the calamities and horrors of judgment day.

This pilgrim says that while he was standing he could feel corpses under his feet and after some time he felt something nudging at his feet and he did not know what it is and it kept occurring until he figured out that it was a woman that was still alive and she was biting his foot to let him know she is still alive so he can save her but unfortunately he was not able to do anything (myself myself) and he remembered the verse that means on that day the person will flee from his brother and his mother and his father and his wife and his children and every person will have something that keeps them busy…so he said even if that was my own mother I wasn’t able to do anything for her.

And in the end Allah willed for this person to be saved so he can narrate for us some of the horrors that he lived through in an incident that lasted perhaps an hour .. so how will we encounter a day which is 50,000 years long?

stampede in mina

The above picture shows the jamarat bridge in Mina where Muslims go to stone the devil. The Jamaraat Bridge is a pedestrian bridge from which pilgrims can throw pebbles at the three jamrah pillars.

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