Ingratitude pays its own price

Many people walk in life without a conscience. They believe that whatever they possess, are their natural due. They just don’t care.

Allah, the Creator of all mankind, says in surah Al Asr:

“By time, everyone is at a loss”, then He continues : except those….

This means that the majority of human beings are in perdition. they have lost their souls and their ability to behave like human beings.

Many people who consider themselves as believers are often in state of ingratitude towards God and those around them.

If you think about life and its reality, you see that every thing is valuable only in two situations.

  1. Before you get the thing, you long for it, you dream about it, you fight for it…

2. After you lose it…

Have you ever thought deeply about it?

Yes, your mum, dad, your family, dearest friends, your health, your memory….all these do not come with a price tag

Once you lose them or start losing them, then you realise their precious value.

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