Are you in the Circle of Influence or in the Circle of Concern?

At the heart of Islam lies a concept which molds a healthy frame of mind. This same concept was beautifully articulated by Stephen Covey in his book, Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Covey speaks about Circles of Influence and Circles of Concern. He says that foolish and unproductive people are those who spend all of their time in “Circles of concerns” like global poverty, pollution, the national debt etc. Whereas productive people spend their time and effort in the “circle of influence”. Meaning those things that they actually have the ability to change.

This truth is found in a fundamental tradition of the Prophet ﷺ, “A beautiful aspect of your Islam is that you leave those things that don’t concern you”. In other words focus on the things in life that you can actually change, and if there is one thing that each and everyone of us can change, its our own selves and the way we respond to hardships.




Do you feel disconnected with Allah? Then analyse how you spend your time. What occupies your mind. Who occupies your mind, and who do you love spending time with? When you ascertain what you’ve prioritised, you’ll understand that reconnecting with Allah (swt) begins with you. It begins with clearing the clutter from your life. Removing all the things which come between you, and your Hereafter. When you have an exam at school, or University, if you don’t focus on revision, and prioritise your time, you will fail. You don’t have time to waste. You can have breaks, rewards, but you can’t take your eye off the ball – the final exam.

This life is the *greatest* test, and the Examiner is Allah. When you prioritise your life around Him, He will grant you success, respect, credibility, a career as one of the mukhliseen. It all begins with an introspection, a reflection and an intention, followed by determination to be the best in the field.

~ Alima Ashfaq




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