The doors of hell [jahannam]

This life has a cause and an effect. Whatever action you do, whether good or bad has a consequence.

It is sad that many people are driven by their emotions. They see life as a mere pleasure and they believe that whatever sin they do, they are automatically forgiven and therefore, they do not believe in hell, they do not believe in punishment after death.

This is totally unjust. If God does not punish the corrupters, the evil doers, the rapists, the murderers…then this life has no sense at all

Why do good, if good and evil are equally rewarded??

No, the Quran is clear. Paradise exists and hell exists


There are 7 doors of Jahannam:

1. Jaheem – the door to the shallowest level of Jahannam. It is reserved for those who believed in Allah and His Messenger [sallallahu ‘alayhi wa salaam], but who ignored His commands.

2. Jahanam – a deeper level where the idol-worshippers are to be sent on the Day of Judgement.

3. Sa’ir – is reserved for the worshippers of fire.

4. Saqar – this is where those who did not believe in Allah will be sent on the Day of Judgement.

5. Ladha – will be the home of those who are calling Prophet Musa (Moses) their God

6. Hawiyah – will be the abode those who worship Prophet Isa as their God.

7. Hutama – the deepest level of Jahannam. This is where the religious hypocrites will spend eternity. The worst of Allah’s creation are the Munafiqeen [hypocrites], whether they be mankind or Jinn, for they outwardly appear to accept, but inwardly reject Allah and his Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم

May Allah protect us from the torments of Jahannam.



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