International Day for the elimination of violence against women


since decades  women have been harrassed in the society, in the house, on the workplace…almost everywhere


Most societies are founded on the patriarchal system where man thinks he is the boss.

Well, Islam too has given man the DUTY of head in the house. Being the head is an immense responsibility.

To love, to be just, to care, to advise, to inform, to be polite, to work for a living and feed the whole family….. 

Yes, man has been granted this role within the house.

How many men are fulfilling their roles as directors of their home? This is another question

Many men are ill informed, harsh, ignorant and supervise their homes like tyrants. They swear to their wives and children, calling them names!!!

Many men marry intellectual women and they can not handle the intelligence of these women and when the latter try to speak with reason, they are summoned to SHUT UP!!!!

Many men are born with the arrogance: I am the boss, I am the head, I am a man!!!” and this is how in many communities, societies, women have to struggle to prove who they are!!!

While the Quran is a message of equality, equity, justice, social justice, love, harmony – we can wonder how many people, even Muslims, have twisted the beautiful and unique message of the Quran to serve their own egoistic purposes.

Wives are beaten, harrassed for household chores. Violence is not about beating. People can abuse you with their violent words, their constant mockeries….

Fabricated hadith are many to downgrade women. Women are always targeted. They are the one who will go to hell, they are the one who will be cursed….they are the one who are forced to marry against their will…and the list of agony is long.


Is this the message of Islam?

Has the prophet [peace and blessings be upon him] sent as a model for this kind of life? NO. He came to restore the inequities between men and women. He came to teach men the values of women….

While the Quran summons all believers to meditate and reflect [see surah 3 verse 190], many Muslims play with words: “OHHH meditation is haram” and then he enters into a sterile discussion just to prove his ignorant point. This scenario has being in vogue for many years and

generation after generation, many muslim families have lived in darkness. Men and women have lived together unhappy, like two intimate enemies!!!

It is time to wake up. Action of Tawheed means the action of obeying Allah alone. Allah commands men and women alike to serve Him, to listen to Him and to obey Him.

Many men have taken themselves as Creators. They command in sin and they want to be obeyed in those sins!!!!

We pray that people will reflect with their heart and mind. We pray that they will give a deep thought to their own daily actions – those actions that are creating more problem in their own houses. Those habits that are creating violence in their own houses ….

May God have mercy upon this humanity!!!!


I invite you to listen to this video of Maryam Rajavi



1 Comment

  1. Hanna said,

    January 31, 2016 at 2:40 pm

    Ammaara sister you are absolutely right. love it.


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