The cruelty of human beings has no limit

Is it possible that animals are superior in their love for their own than human beings have? Many human beings are are cruel towards their own ‘species’. We have read many cases where human betray their relatives, wives, children, mother and so forth.

The ego problem has no limit. What about their attitudes to animals?

Human beings have been given a faculty to think and reason; to develop a further dimension to analyse and to compare, yet, we see that inwardly they are sometimes worst than beast. As Allah points out several times in the Quran: they have eyes but they do not see; they have ears but they do not hear; they have a heart but they do not understand….they are worst than beast

Look what human beings have done to this mother-dog leaving so many puppies still suckling their dead mother, believing that she is still alive

when will people stop treating animals badly? When will people become human?

Animals can show compassion to other animals and give a lesson to mankind – see the difference between the picture above and the one below. 

The bonds of love and affection have a remarkable way of making whatever differences in kind or kin seem all but insignificant. It’s fitting then that such a lesson would be illustrated so well by a creature distinct from us — like this monkey who opened his heart to a puppy.







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  1. Alia said,

    January 27, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    You are right siste and If we make sincere tawbah am change our behaviour Allah will definetly help us to become good muslimAl


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