Do you greet with hi, hello or with salam?

Are you among those who prefer ‘Hi! how are you?” “Hello, how are you today?” instead of ” As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah” – peace and blessings to  you

I have travelled in some countries, and I was stunned how people do not greet with peace but they greet with the etiquette of hi and hello which actually does not mean anything.

Are you among those who complain that this life is difficult, full of trials and pain? Well, start with a clear conscience, by saying ‘salam’ to every Muslim. Give salam to your spouse, your children when they wake up; greet them with salam when they come back home. Greet your Muslim neighbours with salam, greet Muslims on the road with salam



These are the two things that will bring blessings in your life because the angels will shower mercy upon you and Allah is always with those who greet salam.


Can a rich want to become poor? Can a healthy want to be sick? Can they want to exchange roles?

The answer is clear: NO

Echanging salam is richness, wealth, it is about your spiritual wealth and healthiness. Why do you want to take a poor ‘hi’ and leave a rich ‘salam’? Why do you want to leave spiritual and material blessings for poverty ?





Well, as salam alaykum to you all


May Allah bless you, bless your dear ones and shower His Divine mercy upon you all

Stay blessed



A recap on the salam


Salam, islamic salutation

Salam comes from the word s-l-m from which the word islam is also derived from. Islam and salam convey both the sense of peace, unity and friendship.

Allah has wished for us that we greet each other with salam.

We should revive this islamic salutation by always greet our muslim brothers and sisters with:

“As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu”

It is said that salam (salutation) has 70 rewards, 69 parts of which are for one who salutes and one part of which is for one who returns the salutation.


Among the salutations of various nations, `salam’, the islamic salutation and greeting, has a special luminosity, because it indicates both welcoming and peace, pleasure and friendship, and also wish for peace from God for the other person. This is why the salutation of the people of paradise is salam. Moreover, angels of mercy receive the virtuous and good-doers with salam.

Muslims should therefore feel pride in saying salaam in a loud voice; each time you meet a person; even though you meet this same person several times within a day, you should greet him/her with salaam. There is blessing in this word – there lies in it the secret of your success. not greeting salaam or feeling ashamed to greet salam is a weakness in our faith. Those who pretend that they cannot greet salaam at work or in front of non muslims, they have in fact destroyed the very foundation of islam which is based on unity, peace and blessings.

May Allah always keep us strong and sincere in our deen

As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu


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