there exist several worlds, please learn about them

The Qur’an is the only Book which has mentioned several worlds:

The material world in which we are all living now

The universe

The mother’s womb is a nine month aboard

The tomb where all dead bodies will lie

The  illiyin and the sijjin

The Akhrirah – paradise or hell

Th reality on earth is an illusion. It is temporary. Allah has created it with a fine balance and has established multiple species in terms of animals, birds etc and also angels, jinns and human beings. All these co exist together to understand polarity which is called Al Meezan ( a fine balance )

This world is an illusion made up by many darknesses [zulumat]. It has many stages of darkness and this darkness envelopes the mind, the soul and the brain. This is why bad people use the jinns to overpower believers with dark energies.

Of course, this current era is witnessing more darkness and as such, people are undergoing many tests and trials which are often unbearable.

As you know ISLAM IS THE ONLY WAY OF LIFE that can challenge all other man made concepts and religions. Why? Do you think this is a kind of arrogance? No. The fact is ISLAM IS BASED ON THE CONCEPT OF GOD. It englobes the understanding of enlightenment, awakening and deep insight of man. Man is the only creature which is endowed with the power to research, to accomplish and to realise. This is why the Quran’s first command is: Iqra

Research, learn, study. Do not waste time in this material world. Wake up!!!

Do not confine your spirit in vain thoughts and do not waste your time in thinking how to make money…

Let us all wake up from the sleep of the heedless

Sister Ammaara


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