Do you suffer from fatigue and restlessness?

The modern maladies….

Suffering from fatigue, restlessness and the wish to sleep again and again

Yes, it may be because it is too hot and humid in Mauritius and people are tired

but isn’t it due to improper food intake?

Resting is good. Relaxing is good. Silence is good because it keeps the nerves and the body calm

However, excessive sleep and tiredness should alarm you about your health. Young people are often very tired at school or at work. They complain about fatigue and lack of sleep.Something has to be done and quickly

While we look at life trend today we can see that most of us have a busy, hectic life with more desires to eat fast food and luxurious food rather than eating healthy.

Fast food can contain too much fat and additives that can impair your digestive system and cause many problems in the future. Eating too much protein and not enough vegetables can imbalance your system.

“Vicious cycles are what destroy our bodies.  Impaired protein digestion causes nutrient deficiencies and often bowel toxicity.  This further impairs protein digestion, which in turn worsens nutritional status and the cycle continues until death occurs.

For this reason, I make a point of recommending only high quality protein in adequate quantity. Also, it is why I suggest avoiding all drugs and food additives, if possible, and to have excellent eating habits.  It is also why I suggest plenty of rest, with some rest before and after meals as well.

All of this is often necessary to break the vicious cycle of poor protein digestion, a very essential body function.”



  1. High levels of toxic metals. These interfere with zinc and other vital minerals.
  2. Stress keeps the sympathetic nervous system active and interferes a lot with digestion, a parasympathetic activity.
  3. Fatigue does the same as stress and it weakens the digestion tremendously. Always rest before meals if tired, even if it is just for a few minutes.
  4. Nutritionally depletion, as explained above, impairs digestion a lot.
  5. Infections in the intestines, which are quite common. These include parasites, yeasts, bacteria and more.
  6. Illnesses affecting the intestines such as colitis, ulcers, cancer and others.
  7. Some pharmaceutical drugs and over-the-counter product interfere a lot with digestion. Among the worst are anti-inflammatory drugs like Aspirin, Tylenol, Aleve, Excedrin and other anti-inflammatory drugs that irritate the stomach and can even cause ulcers.

Beta blockers, proton pump inhibitors and calcium supplements are others that interfere with digestion.  Some of the common names are propanolol, Inderal, Protonix, Prevacid, Prilosec, Tums,Choos, OsCal and many others in the same classes of drugs.

In fact, any toxic substance, even food additives will interfere with digestion, which is quite a delicate process.  This is just another reason to eat well and rest after meals as Mexicans and Europeans often do with a siesta after the large meal of the day.  This is a wise idea for everyone, even if it is a 10-minute rest.

  1. An alkaline stomach due to drugs or nutritional or other imbalances interferes a lot with protein digestion. The wrong acid in the stomach is another issue related to this one. This is why the pH of the stomach is not enough.  It must be the correct acid as well, and why supplements are so helpful in many cases.
  2. Improper bowel flora is another common cause of digestive problems. Although this is most common in the large intestine, it can occur in the small intestine as well. It is responsible for bloating, often, in the stomach due to gas formation.
  3. Constipation and/or low fiber in the diet may also interfere with proper digestion.
  4. Complex food combinations. The simpler a meal, the easier it tends to be to digest. This is why I suggest meals be constructed with cooked vegetables and either one protein or one starch only.  Also,monomeals (one type of food per meal) are also excellent. “

What if I Eat Too Many Carbohydrates?

Eating too many carbohydrates will lead to weight gain, this is because the body will store unused glucose for later use.

Usually, however, it is how the carbohydrates are prepared which will have the greatest effect on weight gain.  Although chocolate and apples both have simple carbohydrates, chocolate also contains fat – an apple on the other hand contains fibre, vitamins and minerals.  French fries, chips, crisps and roast potatoes are all prepared using fat and therefore contain fat – baked and boiled potatoes are better for you as they have not been prepared in fat.  Similarly, steamed rice is much better than fried rice and bread is better for you without adding butter or margarine. []

Consuming too many carbohydrates or the wrong type of carbohydrate can upset the balance of your body’s blood sugar levels. This can result in energy highs and lows and mood swings – which, in turn, can leave you feeling tired and irritated. 

If you often feel tired after lunch try eating more protein and vegetables but less carbohydrates. 

Consuming too many carbohydrates or the wrong type of carbohydrate can upset the balance of your body’s blood sugar levels. This can result in energy highs and lows and mood swings – which, in turn, can leave you feeling tired and irritated.

If you often feel tired after lunch try eating more protein and vegetables but less carbohydrates and avoid alcohol.

Have a balanced diet

Include fruit, vegetables, fiber, water, calcium everyday



So, let us make a change in our lives

Let us live healthy by eating healthy

Let us keep away from all polluted food and drink

Breathe, drink water, relax, rest, keep silent at least 30 minutes a day, meditate how to improve yourself, eat fresh food

wishing you a happy life



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