Need a job? Here you go…

Do it with a smile

Step 1: Introspection
Take a moment and think what all caused this to happen. The wrong habits or things you complied with, see if they can be beneficial for you now. If not, rule them and throw them out that very instance for the rest of your life and never return to them.

Step 2: Gather all what you got
Monetary wise, sum up all what you can by selling. Don’t borrow yet.
Qualification wise: Get a hold on all your certifications and education.

Step 3: The process initiation
Make a list of all places you can see yourself working for, according to the qualification you have.

Step 4: The application part
Apply for a job. The sooner, the better. There will be a lot of luck factor governing this step and a lot of hard-work too. So stay put, act bold and strive. Don’t fear failure and rejection, instead make these your best friends. You will meet them often in the start and if you turn your back for them, neither will you learn from them, nor will you profit from the failures. You will be else running in a loop of same errors and that will take you nowhere.

Step 4: Keep at it
Once on the job, realize it’s importance and keep working at it with full dedication. Prioritize the work at hand as there will be plenty. Everything else, and mind you everything, apart from work, can wait.

Step 5: Evolve
Don’t stop at any moment. Certification courses, part-time jobs, future planning.. keep at all this. Everyone has a tendency to settle down after a lot of hard time on small satisfying successes. Don’t be one of them as none of them ever made big.

You have an opportunity to cast your own life. Have a great one!

I wish you all the very best.




[Quora – internet post]

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