Your photos can be misused: beware!!!

I read this from a brother on the internet:

“Sisters, Be Reminded That Your Hijab is not only to protect you from men but also from women. Due to the evil plans of shaitaan, some women get attracted by women, especially in today’s time. Not because your Facebook & instagram is set to private and that you only have female friends & followers, you are not attracting anyone. Also, do you trust your female followers too much not thinking they may and they can show your photos to men? Be careful !”

This sounds dreadful yet it is full of wisdom. Human mind is terrible. Often we put our photos on wattsapp, instagram and the like, believing that they are safe, no men can see them. However, we have been made aware that girls download the photos of other girls because they find them ‘cute’ or they find them ‘too cute’. they are in fact enamored by these photos. Many girls do not control their emotions. they fall in love with other girls because the media is giving them the hint that’s “It’s normal” , “it’s ok to feel like that!”

Also, there are many jealous and envious people all around. Their words can be positive but their inside you can never trust. They may take your photo to the magician and sorcerers, they may show them to their brothers and other boys, just to annoy you or to downgrade you….


If someone took your photos & wouldn’t give you credit what would you do?


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