Is your dawah effective, or do you need to keep your mouth shut from time to time?

O Muslims, when you have nothing to say, shut your mouth. I know it is difficult but people succeed through efforts. Practise silence and you succeed. It is a sunnah to learn to keep your mouth shut when you do not know what to say or when you do not have the level of education to explain something or you are being out of subject. Look at the way you often address people from your own community and look how the follower of Jesus are inviting. They appeal to your emotions. It is easy for people to become an easy prey to their preach especially when you are depressed, isolated and you are fed up with a community which constantly pressure you with laws while you are mentally tired and need a rest. Be aware that wisdom is not given to all, many of you need to work out on their character. Doing dawah even with the best of intention can result in big problems if you are not a good listener and you do not give to others the right to accept or to reject your arguments.



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