What is faith? There are six pillars of faith

While faith simply means to trust, to believe in [to have faith in something or someone], many spiritual people [muslims and non Muslims] believe that faith is to believe in God the Supreme and to trust His words.

What differentiate Muslims to others, is the notion of doing things ONLY TO PLEASE ALLAH. Muslims have full faith while doing so, that Allah will respond to their acts with rewards and blessings

This is not the case with many people who are NOT  pious. They are stressed for superficial reasons, such as, being late for a movie; having not enough money to celebrate Valentine with pomp; having not enough money to buy their children the latest gadgets.

However rich unbelievers may be, they often feel the emptiness of their lives!!! A life which lacks sense and objective.


it is well known that Eman is profession in the heart and by the tongue, and action by the heart, tongue and the limbs. EMAN is much more than the mere word of profession – I believe, I trust.

Today, many people are embracing Islam without truly understanding what being a Muslim implies!!! It is the duty of the sheikh to explain to them and to give them time to think and analyse that after the shahadah, they need to learn and put into practice.. It is the beginning of a new life…..towards righteousness, goodness and towards the highest goal which is to seek Allah’s pleasure only.


But believers look for a higher goal – TO PLEASE ALLAH AND TO WIN HIS LOVE – Ammaara Uddeen


I wish you all a life full of blessings and inner peace

Sister Ammaara