The scientific study of the Bees in the Quran

Bees: Surah an Nahl

Allah the Almighty created creatures within which there are endless Divine wonders like bees for example.

Bees are social insects which have an outstanding system:

In the bee society there is a queen, worker bees, females and male bees, cleaner bees to clean the hive, others to buff and polish the walls and there are guards whose mission is to look out and they even have a password and every bee that fails to say that password will be killed, so if you watch a billion bees at day light, you should know that each one of them will dwell in its hive otherwise it will be killed.

The password is changed from time to time:

There are bees that are workers whose mission is to refresh the air of the hive’s cells, and they do that by flapping their wings on the entrance of every cell. In winter on the other hand, worker bees seal the hive openings to keep the hive warm inside. There are the maid bees whose mission is to serve the queen and they make the royal jelly especially for her.

Dear brothers, there are scout bees whose mission is to find the fields in order to collect nectar from flowers and after they find the suitable field they go back to the other bees and they dance in a special way to give the other bees the direction to that field, how far it is and how rich it is with flowers, all that is said through dancing.
The bee’s speed is 60 kilometers per hour when it heads towards the field, but when it comes back to the hive carrying the nectars its speed slows down to 30kilometers per hour.

Honey is a cure for people:

In the most advanced trucks they mix the components of construction while the truck is moving.

In Australia, the giant companies take the raw materials on giant ships and they manufacture Aluminum on the ship to be sold (as a final product) in Cyprus.

Bees also have the same techniques, for the bees usually mark the flowers they collected so that other bees won’t waste time going to those flowers, then upon collecting the nectars they start condensing them finishing (bythat) the first stage of making honey on their way back to the hive.

Talking about bees needs more time:

If one bee is assigned to make one kilogram of honey, it needs to fly 400 thousand kilometers which equals traveling around the earth 10 times, needless to say that honey is a pharmacy unto itself for it heals man from diseases as we were told by Allah the Almighty in Quran:

﴾ wherein is healing for men ﴿

[An-Nahl, 69]

The useful function of honey:

By Allah dear brothers, everything Allah created has two functions, the first one is to be useful to man and the second one guides him to Allah, and while the west excels in the first mission, Muslims excels in the second one and it is rather more beneficial to make use of them both.

Accordingly if we take honey, it has two functions, the first one is ahealing one whereas the second one is to guide people to know Allah after pondering over the bees’ minute system.

If a mouse enters the hive, the cleaner bees are too small to kill it considering its size and weight, but instead they wrap it with wax.
If we want to talk about the amazing skills of the bees in building their hive, and if we want to compare it to man’s skills in tiling the ground, usually the manager instructs his workers to do this and that and they won’t be able to come up with the same tiles’ size unless they all use a sample tile in order to cut the others according to it, however the bees build the wax cells in hexagonal shapes and at the end all the cells will be alike to the micron, not to mention that the hexagonal shape is the best shape for storage as it has the lesser space between cells and it has obtuse angles which allows more amount of honey to be stored besides making the honey accessible to bees.

The bees start building the wax cells from the outer line of the hive towards the middle and they meet at the center. These skills are beyond man’s abilities. Allah the Almighty says:

﴾But are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, ﴿

[Al-An’am, 38]

The Quran mentions that the working bee is the female bee:

Again there are the scout bees, the worker bees, the dancing bees, the queen, queen maid bees, the royal jelly and the males.

The queen put eggs of male and female bees and queens, and the latter are put in a special place where queens “to be” are kept, and the males are kept in a special place, so how would the queen know which is which.

The males’ function is to fertilize the queen:

Allah says:

﴾ And your Lord inspired the bee, saying: “Take ﴿

[An-Nahl, 68]

The Arabic word“Itakhithee” (take) is addressed to the female bee, so how would the prophet PBUH know that the worker bees who make honey are females? Male bees don’t make honey and it is the female’s mission:

﴾And your Lord inspired the bee, saying: “Take you habitations in the mountains ﴿

[An-Nahl, 68]

Allah the Almighty therefore addresses the female bee which makes the honey, and this is but a scientific inimitability of the Quran.
Pondering over Allah’s creations guides man to the truth:

By Allah dear brothers, if only one reads a book about the bees, his heart will be filled with fear of Allah the Almighty and he might shed tears.

By Allah the only Deity, if man did that he would fulfill the purpose of creating honey and bees (i.e. Knowing Allah and fearing Him).
On the other hand, some people eat honey till they are fed up without even noticing the guiding function of honey, and by that they are nullifying the purpose of creating honey and bees.

This is supported by another Hadith in which the prophet PBUH said upon seeing the new moon:
((A new moon of benevolence and righteousness))

[Sunan Abi Dawood by Qatadah]

This Hadith indicates the two functions of everything Imentioned earlier: the first. function of anything is to be useful to man, and the second function is to guide him to Allah the Almighty

[taken from the internet]


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