Sorcery – an evil action that can endanger your whole life

Sihr – sorcery-magic-fortunetellers-kahin-magician
Islam’s position on sorcery for both the one who practises magic and the one who believes in sorcery can be summed up as unlawful acts. Indeed, the magicians and those who visit them, believe in them, ask favour from them, are all in shirk. 
In short, sorcery is absolutely forbidden.
“And indeed they knew that the buyers of it (magic) would have no share in the Hereafter. And how bad indeed was that for which they sold their own selves, if they but knew.” (Quran 2:102)
 “Whoever goes to a fortune-teller or soothsayer and believes what he says has disbelieved in that which was revealed to Muhammad.” Abu Daud
Sorcery is performed with the aid of the Jinn. You take the jinn as your associate in performing evil.
Many so-called Muslim men and women frequently visit the magicians, [the witchcraft, the kahins, the sorcerer] in order to redress a situation, according to their ignorance
Among the main reasons:
1) Most of them practise sorcery  for love affairs, either to destroy a family or to make someone love them
2) To get a job, to get a good marriage proposal
3) To get promotion at work
4) To punish or take revenge upon someone who has been disloyal to them
5) Mother-in-law: to get rid of her son’s wife
6) Second wife: to kick first wife out, and to take the first place
7) Wife: to make husband blindly in love
8) Husband: to make wife blindly in love
Very often, jealousy, envy, hatred, frustration, revenge and ignorance are the seeds to sorcery. People with envy cannot accept that someone else is above them, so they try by evil means to control them, to destroy their partners, to overpower their victims. Sorcery is not only used by ignorant uneducated people; it is used often by intellectuals who seek power and who to control their partners at work.
This destructive tool is condemned by Islam as it is a test for those who perform it and for their victims. Victims can see their lives ruined in a short time without ever realising what has produced in their lives that has brought so much destruction, chaos and confusion. Nothing seems to work but in reality, a jinn or several jinns have been paid to put an end to the development of your progress.
It’s over, nobody wants to hear from you. Everybody seems to have forgotten your name and your identity.
You suffer an indescribable pain and your enemy succeeds unnaturally unfairly.
Many use jinns to bring sicknesses and diseases such as cancer, blood problem, cracking  and so forth and no doctor can be of any help.
There are many movies which promote sorcery and sorcerer’s acts. In many cartoons, children are brainwashed since their tender age about the power of sorcery and magics. Many parents are not even aware of this threat and allow their children to sit for hours in front of the television and watch evil.
singers, actors and actresses often promote sorcery in their songs and films. While people like to identify themselves with their favorite actors or actresses, they often fall into their traps.
According to you, where is fairness? where is justice? If someone can have total control on your life while you are not aware of it and you are making every effort to succeed and someone else is using magic to control you and to win over you, do you think this person deserves your respect and your love?
How many lives have been marred by sorcerers? Sorcerers do not believe in God. They have made a pact to shaytan, worshipping him as their patrons. May Allah protect us always from them
Qul Rabbi aouthu bika min hamazatish shayatin wa aouthu bika rabbi ayyadurun [S23:97-98]
Sorcerers and those who believe in them, work with them, consult them….all of them will be doomed except if they have time to repent.

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