Manism versus feminism – not a new concept

Are you a manist? do you think that manism is part of Islam? by Ammaara Uddeen
Short introduction
Gender issues have always existed. Gender discrimination is NOT NEW. Since the beginning of discrimination between men and women, some noble, courageous  and intelligent women have tried to bring justice in the society. Of course, history has witnessed how these women were jailed, oppressed, cursed and martyred in the name of justice.
Yes, some brave women have tried to voice out their rights; at times, this has worked and at times not. many women have been killed to save humanity from ‘man-unity’ because ‘man-unity’ means injustice; it means a shame and a contradiction to the Will of God. men have tried to suppress the intelligence, courage and will of women in order to show their manhood. This demonstrates how weak they can be and how coward too!! there is absolutely no reason to suppress the qualities of women because women have been created to live in harmony with men. Each gender has to take their natural place and that’s it.
Let’s us get a little deeper in this gender crisis
Women’s trial has almost always been to fight for their rights. They  have almost always had to prove that they can do this and that while the fact about men seems too obvious. Men have manipulated women’s reasoning and have weakened their ability to reason, to think, to reflect and to analyze.
If you know the story of the creation of mankind, you certainly know that the Creator first created a man and the latter was unhappy to live alone and God created from his ribs, a woman so that she may be her companion. A man is miserable without a woman because if you look at the generality of life, it is clear that it is a natural thing for a woman to smile, laugh and to cheer her partner [of course, we are not talking about exceptions]. It is such because the Creator has created women with a natural inclination and men with a natural inclination and when they work together, they talk, they marry….they can bring home the two inclinations that make them whole. Yes, they become whole because they have brought together one part…of course, some couples are more dynamics, more intelligent etc this is because from their ‘part’ there is something stronger, more ‘worked’ upon and they are more brilliant. But all these qualities can be worked out [we can discuss this in another article and if you wish to write to me and ask for advice, then you may do so]
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Both men and women are creatures of God. They have been divinely wished to be partners of one another and to live together. Various interpretations have been given to term this relationship however our subject here is about: Manism

Manism starts long before feminism. Men did not have to group together and say: “well, we are going to create a male community in order to voice out our rights or to safeguard our rights.” NO. There was no need to do that. By their physical power they have imposed themselves and have threatened women to serve them. women were purchased as slaves to serve and entertain men, to dance for them, to serve them wine…..Harems were commonly known.

For generations, women have played the role of chattels. They were taken as objects: marketable objects, sexual objects……they were not being able to think for themselves because men would pressure them to do things against their will.They were brainwashed. And on top of that, women used to worship men thinking that they were gods and they would look down upon any ambitious woman or any woman who wanted to voice out truth.

The concept of manism which is derived from ‘man’ has always prevailed. We live in a patriarchal society where men have tried to maintain power at the expense of women. Women have been brainwashed for decades, believing that they have been created as second-hand creatures, to please men, to work for men, to obey men, to strive for men and to be happy with a role given to them by men. A woman is always controlled and never free. At home, as a child, she is often bullied by the father and brothers. She continues to be bullied once she marries. The husband uses mischievous tactics to comply her to work at home, to have a huge family with many children and on top of that, to work for in-laws. We won’t have only men who talk about that….you will have brainwashed women telling you that this is our culture, this is our way of living, this is how it should be….

For centuries, men were manist and women manist too because many women are more interested to be on the sides of men rather than trying to understanding the causes and sufferings of women in the society. For example, when a woman leaves her husband and abandon her children, the whole society may look down on her. Nobody makes an effort to understand WhY she had to abandon them; may be she feared for her life because her husband is violent and if she runs away with the children, he may killed her or may be he has threatened her emotionally. There are so many reasons and by the way, what if a man leaves behind her wife and decides to marry another woman, or because his wife is sick, he decides to marry a second wife to entertain him….you see, you may find hundreds who will acclaim this act and say it is halal.
Another example is when you hear the case of a battered husband. You are shocked but when you hear several cases of conjugal violence, you listen passively because your mind gives you a signal that it is ok. Men can beat their wives, but women cannot beat their husbands. Men can be violent but women cannot. Men can ride a motorbike but women should not. Tell me who said that? in which book do you find these discriminated laws?
So, as you see, people have been raised with such notions of injustices between men and women. Many men cannot understand that women have feelings. They are married because of their beauty or their skin color….as if they are objects.
Why do you continue to suffer silently without questioning yourself? Allah says in the Quran: “Don’t they reflect?” “Don’t they have mind to reflect?”
I am inviting you to reflect but please do so with a critical mind without going to a mufti man or sheikh that can rob your mind into deeper confusion!!!
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A manist is similar to a feminist. But they mock at feminist and put it into a man’s perspective, as a joke, like how feminists always try to make females more equal where manists try to make men more equal.
Today, many women are fed up with the concept of manism, and they have voiced out their rights – they are known as feminists.
Sometimes, these feminists parties have gone a bit too far…but this is not our topic here.
I am NOT a feminist and there is NO reason for me to be a feminist. If you believe sincerely in Allah as Your Creator then you are aware that Allah is just upon both genders and He is Compassionate towards both.
The Qur’an gives ample space for both men and women to live happily, to understand each other and to work alongside in harmony.
 If men decide to free themselves of their ego and give women their just valor, things would have been easier for everyone.
Let’s say NO to manism. Stop gender discrimination. Stop injustices done against women in the society. Allow women to be educated. Allow them to choose a husband of their choice. Allow them to seek proper knowledge and let them live happily in their houses.

What does Islam say about manism? Why do non Muslims believe that Islam is about gender discrimination?


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why do you think that many Muslim men and women believe in manism? Do you think that manism is part of islam?
Those who in the name of Islam say that the place of women is only in the house and should accept polygamy as an obligation have indeed violated the rights and emotional intelligence of women – Ammaara

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    The injustice done towards women is not only unfair, it is shame that proves that men as well as many ignorant women are still unable to see the truth: the Creator has created two genders – men and women with astounding qualities. Together they are strong and apart, they can only suffer and be depressed – Ammaara Uddeen


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