Manism versus feminism

What is to be a manist? by Ammaara Uddeen
Manism starts long before feminism. The concept of manism which is derived from ‘man’ has always prevailed. We live in a patriarchal society where men have tried to maintain power at the expense of women. Women have been brainwashed for decades, believing that they have been created as second-hand creatures, to please men, to work for men, to obey men, to strive for men and to be happy with a role given to them by men. 
For centuries, men were manist and women manist too
A manist is similar to a feminist. But they mock feminism and put it into a mans perspective, as a joke, like how feminists always try to make females more equal where manists try to make men more equal.
Today, many women are fed up with the concept of manism, and they have voiced out their rights – they are known as feminists
Sometimes, these feminists parties have gone a bit too much…but this is not our topic here
I am not a feminist and there is no reason for me to be a feminist – Ammaara Uddeen
The Qur’an gives ample space for both men and women to live happily, to understand each other and to work alongside in harmony.
Let’s say NO to manism. Stop gender discrimination. Stop injustices done against women in the society.

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