Some useful ways to end your Ramadan

Have you wondered why many Muslims find it hard to end their fasting? When they reach the last week, they are more concerned about social activities, to buy their best clothes, their mehendi preparation, having their hands done….

Is this the purpose of Ramadan? NO. Certainly not!!! People are espousing their own desires and whims. They believe that love for Allah has no value in itself and that they can barter Islam for their own desires and vice versa.

It is more than sad. This is ignorance. You may be an intellectual. You may be  a professional but if you cannot understand the reason of Ramadan, you are ignorant.

Academic learning cannot bring a person to paradise, no matter what!!! We hear many people in many muslim countries who show pride in their evil acts, in their impiety. IF only they knew the end result of their actions and thoughts! May Allah guide us all towards truth and may Allah save us from the darknesses of shaytan

As for those, who want to be guided, let me tell you that you have time to repent, to purify your niyyah [intention], and to do beautiful actions which will count in this life and in the hereafter [thawab jariyah]

  1. Stay awake even for two rakats of tahajjud
  2. Ask forgiveness. Keep asking for Allah’s forgiveness and mercy
  3. Beg Allah to change your destiny for the best
  4. Supplicate Allah to give you paradise
  5. Give sadaqah on a regular basis
  6. Feed the poor. Do not neglect to feed even one needy person
  7. Stop eating haram or fake halal. Be conscious of what you eat
  8. Take time to prepare food at home which brings blessings instead of doing as the non believers want you to do – to become neglectful and to eat anything and anywhere that sound good to your ear, eyes and stomach
  9. Remember, you have a soul. Feed your soul with the remembrance of Allah
  10. Be fearful of the day you are going to meet Allah
  11. Do not follow satanic trends, evil fashion…things that are invented to pull your eman down, because if you feel unhappy, sad, frustrated it is often due to lack of faith in Allah. Do tawbah and reject haram

Many Muslims traditionally believe in laylat-ul Qadr. What I do mean by this, is that, they know from their ancestors that it is a great night. However, they do not understand that to make it a great night, we need to purify our understanding of Islam. We need to quit all things that we take as partners besides Allah so that Allah can restore our faith

There is still time, before the end of Ramadan, to get that first step to quit sorcery, magics, beliefs in horoscope, belief in spiritual healers as above the Creator [may Allah forgive that crime]; believe in dead bodies and mixing Islam with other beliefs and eating fake halal ….and so on

Learn to love yourself so that you do not destroy your own spiritual self and your own body with outrageous lies and outrageous food, drink and liberal ideas that have nothing to do with ISLAM. Quit your bad habits. Quit them now and ever

change your environment. Change your friends because there will come a DAY. A Single Day called Qiyamah where your friends will be of no avail to you. In fact, they will deny you and you will deny them.

Love yourself more than you fear the society, the environment which invites towards polytheism, indecency, liberalism, perversity, greediness ….



May Allah set you and myself free from the traps of this society


Sister Ammaara Uddeen