What will I do after Ramadan is over?

Ramadan is the month of change. Does that mean that we change from the 1st Ramadan to the last day of Ramadan, and on the 1st day of Shawwal [which is Eid-Ul-Fitr] we come back to our previous habits?

If you think about it, it sounds ridiculous, yet many Muslims take it as such. We make some few changes in their lives and once, the month of shawwal is sighted, they reverse their actions!!! Of course, we are not discussing here about those who did not even care to make any changes during Ramadan – we are talking only about those who make a great effort to change and post Ramadan, they reverse!!!!

Why should an individual make so much effort for a whole month, reaching a certain level of eman, combating his nafs, sacrificing his sleep, caring for the poor, reconciling with people, standing till late in nafil prayers, and reverse those precious actions?

The answer is: shaytan plays trick about such individuals, telling them it is enough. they have done enough!!! Now, it is time to relax, to have some good times, to go to the club and enjoy with so-called friends. As they say, they can ‘rock’ Subhan Allah, how can believers lower themselves to the ground in order to look good to the non-believers? wh do they have to use words invented by the non-believers which, if you look closer, is irrelevant, baseless and vulgar. Why do Muslims have to say lol in every single discussion? Can’t they write [smile] in brackets. Do Muslims have to laugh so loud for every single issue. You can find this lol on most of the islamic pages too

Coming back to our topic, we need to continue our good work. We must strive and persevere towards what is good for the next life. Don’t lose your objectives. stay focus all the time. The friend that you choose, the companion that you choose, the wife or husband that you choose, can hinder your spiritual path …so choose with Eman. Create an inner change, a visible change, a profound change. Change for your own good, not to please others. Understand WHY YOU NEED TO CHANGE. THIS LIFE WILL SOON COME TO ITS END, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU?

Don’t be a blind follower of friends and groups. In fact, stay away from them from time to time in order to be alone with yourself. Be alone does not mean, being lonely. When you are alone, you have time to think and to recap. this is important for you to grow and to enrich yourself

Time flies so quickly and a whole month of Ramadan may not be enough for you to do all the ibabah that you planned. So, continue to do them as if you are in Ramadan.

  1. There are six nafil of fasting in the month of Shawwal, if you can, do it
  2. Keep up with the habits of night prayers and tahajjud
  3. Continue to cook for the poor and share your food with the needy and the poor
  4. Visit your families, especially those who are old and cannot travel
  5. Continue to read the Quran on a regular basis,even if it is few verses but read them with understanding so that you can act upon them
  6. Keep your TV shut, except if it is for islamic issues or the news
  7. Continue to eat dates because dates are very good for your health. In fact, it helps against all sorts of pain, periodical pain and pre-natal pain.
  8. Do not waste time with friends. Remember surah Az Zukhruf verse 67 :

    “Close friends, that Day, will be enemies to each other, except for the righteous”

May Allah have mercy upon us and help us to strive to the last minute.

Remember Ramadan is NOT the end of it, it is surely its beginning….the beginning of change


Sister Ammaara Uddeen




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