Turkey under siege? What will be the future of Turkey, after the failed coup?

Turkey was besieged by a group within the military forces. This group tried to take over the country by force.  There was an attempted coup in Turkey last night [that is, Friday 15th July 2016] by Gulenist terrorists but they failed. 

Turkey coup: military attempt to seize power from Erdogan as low flying jets and gunfire heard in Ankara and bridges across Bosphorus in Istanbul closed. After Erdogan appealed for people to take to the streets, many of his followers obeyed his orders and mosque loudspeakers exhorted his supporters to go out and protest the coup attempt. Many of his partisans died and finally, after a shocking night, peace was restored and the opponents seized.

As the opponents claim secularism, it means that Turkey has been blessed this night and the angels have been on the side of President Erdogan and all those who are in favour of Islamic rights. Secularism means the death of Islam. If we rewind the tape some years back during Ataturk and post Ataturk, we find that people were confused and lost; they were ignorant of Allah and the Last Day. Today, if you have the opportunity to visit Turkey, you will see the positive change. istanbul, Sultan Ahmet is a blessed place, where the majority of people are decently dressed, pious and going to the Masjids.

quoting the words of Rachel Sharon-Krespin, in her article Fethullah Gülen’s Grand Ambition Turkey’s Islamist Danger, she says:

“Today, Turkey has over 85,000 active mosques, one for every 350 citizens—compared to one hospital for every 60,000 citizens—the highest number per capita in the world and, with 90,000 imams, more imams than doctors or teachers. It has thousands of madrasa-like Imam-Hatip schools and about four thousand more official state-run Qur’an courses, not counting the unofficial Qur’an schools, which may expand the total number tenfold. Spending by the governmental Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet Işleri Başkanlığı) has grown five fold, from 553 trillion Turkish lira in 2002 (approximately US$325 million) to 2.7 quadrillion lira during the first four-and-a-half years of the AKP government; it has a larger budget than eight other ministries combined. The Friday prayer attendance rate in Turkey’s mosques exceeds that of Iran’s, and religion classes teaching Sunni Islam are compulsory in public schools despite rulings against the practice by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) and the Turkish high court (Danıştay). Both Prime Minister Erdoğan and the Diyanet head Ali Bardakoğlu criticized the rulings for failing to consult Islamic scholars.”

This means that Turkey is excelling in doing better, not worse!!! This means that Turkey is paving towards Islamisation. And the future of Turkey will be bright if believers supplicate Allah to protect this country and to protect its president and his family and to pray that Allah bless them with faith and bright decision for the betterment of Islam.The military coup utterly failed because the people refused to be intimidated.It means that success lies in unity and prayer. Allah is with those who struggle for truth.




This is a picture of Turkey where people are praying in the street. See the huge mass

What is happening to Turkey and why do some want Turkey to return to a secular way?

People who do not want stabilisation, who care about secularism are those who do  not believe in the next world. This world is doomed to end and we all will stand up to give accounts of our deeds, good and bad.

These pictures show what happened yester night




But at the same time, people relied on Allah. There was adhan (call to prayer) at the mosques all night long at the mosques through out Istanbul. The verses of the Quran read at the mosques. Turkish people served their morning prayers at the streets, and read the Quran.

Allah warns us in the Quran against subversive information. Today we face this type of misinformation perpetrated by many western media because their ultimate objective is to bring Islam to the mud. So Believers should not fall into the media’s trap but analyse any situation to seek the truth.

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These are few comments coming from social media:

N: Turkish people have united together against western propaganda. They behaved as one nation, all brothers and sisters, and did not hate each other because of different political views. They did not let western agenda to destroy their beautiful country. They raised above and stood together not against each other. Alhamdulillah, they refused to become another Egypt, another Libya, another Yemenand another Syria.

S: I am from India and I love and support turkey . May Allah prevail peace and harmony in turkey .


N: Congratulations Turkey! You have taught a historical lesson to the corrupters. May Allah protect all Muslims around the world!

We post here the comment of Moazzam Begg

“All praises to Allah, Turkey did not go the way of Egypt at all and has taught the world a very important lesson. The military coup utterly failed because the people refused to be intimidated. While several media outlets like the BBC falsely reported that the military had taken over and Erdogan had fled the country, they entirely failed to report the reality or capture the mood on the street that the rest of us could see – via social, alternative and Turkish media – and proved, through biased running commentary that they were keen on seeing the coup succeed. Reporting that bridges have been blocked by the military and the “TV station” seized, they forgot that TV-station-capturing is so 1950s in this digital age, as one Turkish politician put it. There are many other sources of credible news.

They failed to report the tens of thousands who came out in the streets, stirred by the Islamic call to prayer to challenge the coup. They wilfully omitted reporting the reverberating chants of “Ya Allah, bismillah, Allahu akbar” in that distinct and wonderful Turkish accent that shook the earth beneath the plotters feet and, how they prayed the dawn prayer in congregation on the streets to remember their purpose, in tranquility and thankfulness, amidst all the commotion and upheaval. The media were sluggish, at best, in reporting how tanks were captured and soldiers arrested not just by the police but unarmed protestors who came out, despite the firing. Even Kurdish protestors rallied against the coup. Let us remember too those who were killed in all of this…

It is evident, just as in Egypt, that powerful nations were watching and waiting eagerly on the sidelines, backing the coup but, ready to claim, as they eventually did, in the event of failure, that they supported the democratically elected leaders. Really? I don’t recall such support for democracy in Algeria, Palestine or Egypt. In fact, while Egyptian leaders faced life and death sentences western leaders, like Cameron, were endorsing and visiting the military regime to make deals and ordering ‘inquiries’ into the Muslim Brotherhood. Let the world take note of these forked-tongues. It’s never been about rights, values or people’s choices. It’s just interests.

The Turks have been put under immense pressure and have of course made lots of mistakes (making deals with Israel being one of them) and need to be accountable to their people for that. But let’s not forget how many refugees they’ve absorbed, how many violent attacks they’ve faced and how much they’ve been vilified in Europe – with Brexitiers scaremongering how 2 million Turks could come to British shores if we remained in the EU. Well, Turkish streets filled up last night in support of their president and government against the largest standing army in Europe. I wonder how many would do the same for resigned Cameron or unelected May, if it ever came to that?”


If you want to read about Fetullah’s, see this article: http://www.meforum.org/2045/fethullah-gulens-grand-ambition