Women in this modern society are still being treated as inferior to men

“Men treat women as inferior and women treat women as inferior to men. When others see you inferior, it is difficult to swallow but when your own  consider you as inferior, then you can only stare in dismay!!!”

This has been the situation for decades where women think they are inferior to men and because of this mentality, the society has remained imbalanced and underdeveloped for years. Those women who have tried to show their competence were often looked down, not only by men but by women!!!! When you try to establish fairness and equity among men and women in the society, you will always see a group of staunch women who will bar your way ….shameful thoughts indeed because they lack knowledge and they do not know why they have been created

In order to give you a clear picture of what happens in today’s society and how believers are supposed to think…this is a short article which I received on the social media


“It is halaal (permissible) for a widow to marry again – it is haraam (prohibited) for YOU to gossip about her ‘character’ if she does.

It is halaal for a woman to ask for khulaa’ (divorce) if she cannot stay in the relationship in a healthy manner any longer – it is haraam for YOU to backbite and raise questions about her femininity, loyalty and nature.

It is halaal for a woman to raise her voice if she is going through domestic abuse, torture and blackmail – it is hypocrisy for YOU to tell her to bear with it because she is a woman!

It is halaal for a woman to ask for her mahr from the husband the moment she gets married – it is shameful for YOU to expect her to “forgive” the mahr if she wants to be called a ‘good’ woman.

It is halaal for a woman to pray inside the masjid, meet her sisters for dawah and recreation, and have fun in life – it is outside of enough for YOU to tell her she should become invisible if she wishes to enter Jannah.

Get out of your little holes and stand up for JUSTICE, TRUTH AND ISLAM! Enough of your cultural, scared, and humiliating tactics to make me believe Islam has done this to me. Nay! Every time you do not stand up for my sisters when they are abused and misused, YOU ARE ACCOUNTABLE.

Either have the courage to practice the true teachings of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) or for the Sake of your self -STAY OUT OF IT”


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