Why Muslims do not care about halal food anymore?

Muslims and Jews have been blessed by Divine Books which stipulate clearly the importance of halal and haram [permissible and non permissible food]. While the Jews have been given the Tawrat, Muslims are blessed with the Quran. The Jews adhere to the kosher and Muslims to the halal. There are a few differences between the two.

Most of the Jews continue to pursue this law and eat kosher. Many Muslims continue to eat halal but they do not know what strict halal means.


Let us differentiate the attitudes of Muslims:

  1. they do not eat at restaurant at all because they are afraid they may be haram and they are used to eat at home for the blessings it offers.
  2. they eat only at Muslim restaurants whose cook/servers/owners are all Muslims because cooking food that is halal can only be done by a Muslim himself who eats halal and understand the requirements of halal. That’s logical!!!
  3. They eat at any Muslim restaurants even if the latter do not respect the norms; the cook is not Muslim and the servers look dirty, loose hair, dirty nails, do not wear correct uniform etc
  4. They eat anywhere that say: ‘halal’ even if the owner is non-Muslim.
  5. They eat wherever they want: halal or not. They look only for good taste which satisfy their bellies.
  6. They think that all vegetarian food are halal. They don’t know that vegetarian food can contain haram ingredients such as alcohol or animal fat and blood. So, they go to non-halal restaurant and eat their veg food or their fish menus.

Muslims are the biggest buyers in the world and in Mauritius, Muslims are the biggest buyers. Muslims are everywhere but they are not using this to their own advantage. If they require for halal food as it should be, all restaurants would adhere to it because they would fear losing their clients. All hotels should be strict about halal and not play with the word only. Like we see many hotels, who says: halal friendly and when you step there, the pork, wine etc are served nearby. The same cook is preparing the omelette with bacon ….how many Muslims say they are disgusted to go to hotels because such and such hotels do not care about halal but still, they do not write to these hotels and do not discuss with the management!!! Still there are coward people who prefer to remain silent and try to pick some fish here and there in order not to be taken as an extremist. It is your right!!! You have nothing to feel ashamed of. Haram food is harmful to your body and mind, that’s why it is prohibited for you. You should be proud in telling people to cook what is good for their nature and to decline what is unnatural to their bodies!!!

Muslims should encourage other Muslims to open more restaurants and deluxe ones, at the sea-side so that Muslim tourists can come without fear!!! However, the waiters, cookers should also be professional, clean and tidy. They should look fresh and believers. You cannot say you own a restaurant and you employ anyone to serve the clients. Halal food means you make dua on your food, you are conscious that Allah is ONE and that food is cooked according to the norms. This includes cleanliness, hygiene and care. A server who comes to serve you with long loose hair, long dirty nails, sweaty face with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt….Subhan Allah!!!


I am happy to read from a Jew what she said about a hotel in Mauritius: She asked for kosher food and this is her appreciation :

“The food was what really made this holiday for us. We had very low expectations. Having been told by the hotel that they would cater for our kosher dietary needs, we brought a suitcase full of food with just in case. We didn’t need it. Chef Michael had ordered everything we could imagine from Paris, including the viennoiserie. He set aside a separate kitchen area, that we were able to view, where he prepared all our food. Having expected paper plates, no – the hotel had bought everything new to enable us to dine in style. The food itself was of outstanding standard that would easily fit in any fine restaurant in the world. Even the Shabbat food was taken care of, cooked in advance alongside home-made challah. I was even able to light the stove to prevent issues of bishul akum. It was tremendous.”

In Surah Al Maidah, Allah has given us permission to eat the food of people of the Book, that is the Jews and the Christians. Of course, we are talking about such Christians who do not eat pork and who adhere to their Book. Apart from these, Muslims have NOT been given the permission to eat at the polytheists. So, doing this, is a big sin

And Allah knows best and we pray that Allah help us to be strict in halal



If they could read the Quran and see clearly what the Quran orders them to do, then surely they should feel ashamed of eating food in any restaurant. But to satisfy their bellies, they are ready to cross the line.