homosexuality is a normal lifestyle – why shoul Allah punish the homosexuals and the lesbians?

Many people today say:” Don’t be hard on them. Treat them well. Accept them in  your circle of friends and families. Homosexuals are normal beings.”

-Well, this article is not here to judge the homosexuals at all!!!

The article is only showing what is this lifestyle and where does it come from!!

And please read it to the end!!!


The Bible and the Quran relate the story of Lut [peace be upon him] who was prophet living in Sodome and Gomorrah. It was the first time in history that men were tempted to have sexual relationship with other men. During several decades, homosexuality was considered as a mental breakdown; a kind of pathology which affects the attitude of the individual. In religion, we say that a jinn has possessed the body and the mind of the person. For example, if the victim is a man, then a female jinni possesses his body and the female jinni will be attracted by a man; so this is how a the female jinni influences the man’s mind ….


The people of Lot lived in a society very similar to our own. It was corrupt, the people had no shame, criminals and criminal activity abounded, and those passing through the town of Sodom risked robbery and physical abuse. The overall atmosphere of the town was not one of a cohesive society. The people of Lot were without morals, without standards and without shame. The homosexuality that abounded did not exist in a vacuum, it was part of a lifestyle that not only allowed, but also encouraged vice and corruption. It was to this town that God sent Prophet Lot; his message was to worship God alone. However, embedded in worship are the desire and the willingness to obey God’s commandments? The people of Sodom were content with their corrupt ways and had no desire to curb them. Lot became an annoyance and his words were ignored.

Prophet Lot called the people to give up their criminal activities and indecent behaviour but they refused to listen. Lot confronted his people and admonished them. He pointed out their corruption, their criminal activities and their unnatural sexual behaviour.

“Will you not fear God and obey Him? Verily! I am a trustworthy Messenger to you. So fear God and obey me. No reward do I ask of you for it (my Message) my reward is only from the Lord of all that exists.” (Quran 26:161-164)

In the last 20 or 30 years, it has become common to talk of homosexuality as a natural way of life, however according to God’s law and in all three heavenly religions, (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) this is not acceptable. The new idea that homosexuality is somehow genetically determined is also rejected by Islam. Quran clearly states that the people of Sodom were the first to practice this sexual aberration…..

To whom profit this attitude and this lifestyle? You should ask yourself because when you look into the eyes of an homosexual, do you think he is at peace with himself or he is battling against an unnatural feeling?

When you truly love someone, you advise him

When you do not care about someone, you don’t care about the consequences. you let him do

Because you allow your emotions to overcome your reasoning and you become a slave of your own emotions

Homosexuality can be cured, for those who want to change – it can be a long process as it can be much easier – it is done through ruqya with a professional healer