Initiating our Muslim youth to work for a noble cause

Ramadan is often perceived as a month of fasting and nothing else. The young generation has forgotten the essence of Ramadan and all the joy we feel to fast and do good deeds.

Caring for others, those in need of our love and attention, sharing of dates to passers by, visiting the neighborhood and say: hello, cooking food for the needy, the elderly……

Some photos to remind us of these unique moments


Preparation of dates, CDs of full Qur’an recitation and translation and cards with a special note for each one


The princesses are putting everything in order at the salon called Bayt ul muqmin before the arrival of the guests


Rarsikra is devotedly taking care of the bouquet, watering it….before the event


Outing 2016

La cuillette de goyave de chine à l’île Maurice

Merveilleux moments de détente

Guavas in Mauritius a wonderful moment to relax and enjoy Allah’s perfect creation and wonders




Some photos of our devoted ladies on the morning of Eid

Masha Allah Alhamdulillah may Allah protect them and give them the strength to continue their noble work