Allah has elevated his name forever- Muhammad [pbuh] the last and final messenger

Muhammad [peace and blessings be upon his noble name]

Many orientalists have tried to debase his name by writing it in different ways

Many ignorant Muslims have followed this trend by writing his name anyhow

One important question: you reader, you have a name written on your birth certificate. Does this name change when you are in France, England or China? Or is it written in the same way wherever you go? If your name, once recorded on your birth certificate does not change, WHY DO YOU CHANGE THE NAME OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD [pbuh]

mohamet, mahomet, mohammed, mahomed, muhammet……these are not his name!!! These have been whispered to you by the shayatin

Image result for muhammad written in arabic = in Arabic vowels, there are three: A, I U [pronounced as ou]

So, here the dwamma is written as MU [pronouncing mou]


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Our Muslim community must learn more about love

Muslims are one single brotherhood. Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] organised the ummah by spreading love. Love is at the onset of organisation, structure and the basis of success.

Islam is about love

Islam is about sharing

Islam is about good relationship

Islam is about being generous

Islam is about giving, so give sadaqah on a regular basis

Islam is about being polite

There is something more,

Islam is not just being polite, generous, good to other Muslims only

Islam is for whole humanity

Everybody wants peace….so let us share peace with everyone

Have a blessed day to you all

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The beautiful creation of Allah, you should watch it