Question: Why are the kafir considered Najis?

This is an interesting and rare article which needs to be read and reflected upon. Sadly,many Muslims are more interested in feeding their stomach rather than protecting their souls by eating the right and pure food

Qn: Why are the kafir considered Najis? (I have never asked for nor heard of a reason, but after being asked. I thought I’d ask the learned)
-Isn’t considering someone najis because of their belief, similar to racism?
–Islam is all about equality, unity and brotherhood, why such a law – that we cannot eat their food or that they are najis?

Definition of Kafir: someone who conceals (rejects) the truth – kufr is the opposite of Imaan.

 Definition of Najis: something or someone who is impure. Najasah is the opposite of Tahara.

 Racism by definition entails discrimination and unjust behaviour towards a certain individual or groups of individuals.

A kafir is termed is impure because they tend to reject the existence of A God despite all the rational proof that is available to him.

By terming a kafir as najis, this is not similar to racism, because the…

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