An angry man is full of love inside!!!

A person who has lots of anger inside, Definitely loves people more than anyone else can. Because if red colour indicates anger then it indicates love too. Why do we become angry easily? We do so because we are attached to our view of who are to self-importance to the concept of “I” is threatened, “I” very often strikes out in fear, in anger. Anger can be controlled.

Haven’t you seen that the angered people are the most miserable. They have absolutely no control upon their emotions. They are drunk by this life or they are victimised by an angry person at home or at work.

Living everyday with a perturbed mind is not easy. Violence does not leave any space for love, care and security. The thousands of blessings fade away once you sit next to an angry person.

May Allah protect anyone who is in this situation and relieve him/her from the company of angry violent people. May Allah also help the angry ones to find their way towards bliss

Quotes about Anger

Quotes about Anger

Quotes about Anger

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