Life of a teacher – now gone to meet her lord

Quotes from Anne Mathilda Perdreau, Mauritius

Mrs. Anne Perdreau was an intellectual lady of her time, devoted teacher. She has devoted all her time between her family and her work.

Pastime: crosswords, general reading, reading the Bible, researching, sewing, helping others, giving advice and caring for her family

Education is an art.

When your feet and your hands are operational, you don’t need to supplicate others for help

It is better to stay alone than to be insulted by the ignorant ones

Life is a tragedy when you cannot find likeminded people to converse

Memories are the sweetest parts of your life, that you will take along with you

People are always jealous of your success and possession because they are blind. They fail to see your struggle

We come in life and we struggle with sickness, with the jealousy and hatred of your surroundings. God is Great and you can only find solace in His Speech

I was three when my mother died. Living without a mother is terrible for any human being.

Loving is nothing if we do not understand the other’s feeling



A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.  ~ Henry Brooks Adams. As children, we spend almost as much time with our teachers as we do with our parents. It’s no wonder, then, that so many of us have vivid memories of our teachers that stick with us years later. 



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