Why does our qareen want to defeat us?

Today a sister was discussing with me about a particular problem. She said that despite her daily prayers and duas, she has no control on her mind. It seems that her mind does not rest at all. While our conversation expanded and we talked about theQareen (the companion among the jinns), she asked ” but why does my Qareen  want to defeat me?

The Qareen is jinn. Our body is like a shell which contains a human being and a jinn. Each one must struggle to lead

In fact, Allah explains in Sudan Al baqara that mankind is the vicegerent of Allah on earth and mankind is superior to the rest of creation.

The jinn are inferior to us and they are envious of our distinguished position. The chief jinn showed his bitterness towards Adam peace be upon him.

The qareen is in fact the ego which wants  the first place in every thing, selfish, unjust, abusive, arrogant….

If yolu don’t defeat him, he will defeat you becaUse he has made a promise to take you oUt from the right path. In fact, his mission is to defeat you as he has allied hi self to the chief of shayateen