Powerful dua for cure from all your sickness

This dua was sent to me by a frequent reader

Prayer of Release from the Powers of Witchcraft

Ya Rabb, in Your Glorious Name, I bind and break all witchcraft, curses, spells, and all powers associated with it. By Your power, I destroy the works of every witch, warlock, wizard, sorcerer, and all other powers of darkness.
by Your Power and Might, I break their powers including the influences of witchcraft, evil powers, spells, hexes, vexes, voodoo, hoodoo, roots, potions, or any such things off me, my family, and all future generations. Ya Allah, You have redeemed me and my family from the curse of the law that I may receive Your eternal blessings .

Through Your might, power and love, I also rebuke, bind up and destroy all the spirit-guides, helps, and shields of these workers of evil, and leave them without any strengths – stripped of their evil powers and influence.

Thank you Allah for delivering me.


Prayer against those Involved in Witchcraft

In the name of our powerful Allah, I come against the evil spirit . I bind the strongman in the name of Almighty Allah.
In the name of allah, Al Malik, I paralyze you and silence you, forbidding you from influencing or strengthening [them or name the witch or witches if known] in the name of Al Qawi [the most powerful], right now!
In the name of the Magnificent, We are destroying your very works: the spirits of hate, bitterness and murder, spirits of wizardry, sorcery and all your co-spirits, your works, your powers, all your influences are destroyed in the name of Allah!
I come against the spirit of blindness, binding the spirits of bondage and heaviness, fear and hate and break your power in the name of Allah, the Supreme

I pray, Ya Rabb, that You will open their eyes so they can see Your glory. Open their hearts so that they can hear Your voice. Break the yokes in their lives and give them liberty in their souls, that they may be free to repent. Show them every evil work and every evil deed they are guilty of, and Ya Rabb, convict their hearts unto repentance. Bring these souls out of darkness; save these souls so that You may have the glory.

Satan and all demons, I silence you in the name of the All Powerful Allah, binding all your interference. You will not interfere with these souls, and they will have their own free will choice so as to make up their own minds if they want to repent. They will do it without your interference.

Also, Lord, I pray that you will release warring angels to wage war against any demonic activities, and create fear in their hearts Ya Rabb.
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for delivering me.


Faith Exercising Prayer Over Witchcraft

Ya Allah, I have repented of any and all sin in my life and in the life of my ancestors that have resulted in a curse especially in the areas of witchcraft, idolatry or any occult involvement. Allow me your forgiveness YA Rabb and protect me from all forms of evil.

Every day I take authority over and break any and every curse upon my life in the name of Allah. Islam is true. Allah s words are true. I exercise my faith and loose myself and my descendants from any and every curse. I claim my deliverance and freedom right now in Allah s name.

I break all curses of destruction in my family and bloodline in Your Name Ya Rabb

I renounce all pride that would open the door for destruction

Rescue my soul from destructions

Send Your Word, and deliver me from any destruction Ya Rabb
The destroyer cannot come into my life or family in the name of Almighty Allah

The destroyer cannot destroy my prosperity

I am delivered from destruction that wastes away in the morning

I rebuke all destruction from my gates in Your Noble name, Ya Rabb. I reject all forms of shirk, Ya Rabb so protect me and cure me right now, ya Allah, please never allow our enemies to have the upper hands over me and destroy me. As I grow older day by day, shower Your Mercy upon me Ya Rabb Ya Rabb Ya Rabb

Thank you Lord for delivering me, Ya Rabb. Protect me forever. Ya Allah, have mercy upon me as You have promised to protect the Believers from the accursed evil. His plans are certainly weak. Protect us Ya Allah against their tricks and their manipulations. Cure us Ya Allah. Cure us from all pains and give us strength to stand up and do our daily activities, Ya Rabbul Alameen


Ya Allah, give me power and authority to battle against the attack of controlling powers of witchcraft, inYour precious name . I bind every negative, unscriptural word against my life. I break the power of confusion, torment, fear, control and manipulation. I take captive every vain imagination and high thought that is contrary to the word of God in my life
I submit my will, thoughts and life to Your Lordship , so bless my soul, body and mind. Protect me as well as all believers in this world who are struggling against all evil.

I break the power of witchcraft’s deception, seduction, sorcery and intimidation, knowing that at Your Divine Name, every soul must bow.

I decree freedom from dark powers, false teachers, false prophetic words, controllers, manipulators, sorcerers, witches, counterfeits, soul ties, spiritual folly, soothsayers, lying spirits, lying dreams and visions.

I repent of sin, both known and unknown, and submit myself thoroughly to Your Lordship
I clothe myself with God’s armour and take up the weapons of my warfare that are not carnal, but mighty in the pulling down of strongholds.

I dedicate myself to your will for the rest of my life. help me to love You above anyone else

I repent of rebellion, pride, arrogance, control, manipulation, vain desires , and shirk

InYour name, Ya Allah, I renounce to all sins

Lord, Your Word says: “If I confess my sins You are faithful and just to forgive me of my sins and cleanse me of all unrighteousness.”


  1. Michelle said,

    January 27, 2019 at 12:41 am

    My mother is very ill can u help her thank u


    • ammaara said,

      February 4, 2019 at 8:40 pm

      Dear Michelle, we care for your mum and make sincere dua that she recovers soon. Ya Allah, help her in finding the right solution. In the mean time, dear Michelle, you can communicate privately to us [if you so wish] about her illnesses so that we can advise accordingly.


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