Tooth pain, tooth decay…one of the worst

Yes, tooth pain is one of the worst pain ever!!!

Why do our teeth decay?

Why do we feel that strange horrible pain?

  • Remove any trapped food in the mouth by using dental floss [go softly with it]
  • Ginger paste is the best. You can still try salt water. cloves

You can use ground cloves, whole cloves, or cloves oil to reduce the tooth pain. In case you have ground cloves, you need to wash your hands cleanly and take a pinch of ground cloves to apply in the area between the cheek and pained gum. The combination of your saliva and cloves can help to numb the tooth pain.

Ginger is considered as a traditional medicine that is good for many diseases. It has the temper, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory properties that are good for treating the pain and swelling caused by tooth decay. Using ginger frequently can be helpful for reducing  pain. In order to stop tooth decay pain, you only use some thin slices of ginger to press in the tooth pain. The pain can be faded very quickly. You also can use ginger juice with the same effect.



One of the main causes of tooth decay is sugar. The best way to prevent and stop tooth decay is to cut down the amount of sugar you consume daily. Some sugary foods and beverages you need to limit include soda, sugary fruit drinks, sweetened coffee, sweet tea, junk food like candy and pastries. These foods can make your tooth decay more serious. If you consume these foods, you had better brush your teeth afterward to limit their bad impact on your tooth.

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