The addiction of pornography even after marriage

The permissive society wants our youth to be rebellious, to be free concerning evil acts!!! if loving and caring for the youth means to set them free without proper guidance, then it is something else, not love!!!

people are social beings who need are dependent upon others, such some ways or others. Education is a vital element for the survival of human race. if education is endangered or altered in order to fit some strange ideologies, then of course, new generations will always find new ways of enjoying themselves.

Several centuries ago, a simple glance at a well dressed woman, was an excitement for a man. The uncovering of the head was an offence!!! today, both men and women are indecently dressed. There is no such thing as PRIVATE PART. Everything is public.

The industry of film has to be profitable and the victims are the young ones who keep on with the habit until they are old. so, people get married but they do not get rid of their habits. Habits are second nature.

the wife cannot satisfy the strange awkward habit of the husband because the latter’s mind has been manipulated for years.

This is how people end up in divorce or simply end up being unhappy for the rest of their lives, living as slaves of sex

May Allah have mercy on His creatures