Islamic Psychology – the forgotten words

Psychology is often viewed as a modern word – a science recently discovered. yet, if you study Islam, you understand that Islam is a complete set of beliefs and practices and encompasses the limited notion of ‘religion’.

Psychology is a part of Islam. It deals with the emotional and mental struggles of human beings. Emotions are important and often some emotions may interfere with our daily lives and obscure our understanding of things.

It is called the emotional intelligence where one is able to control their emotions intelligently.

Emotions can be devastating. They can pull you down. The society is responsible to raise people with sane attitudes but sadly we notice that Media exposure is responsible for many harms. Watching television especially Bollywood series take away your rationality and create confusion.

Stories based on culture, religion and societal issues that do not reflect justice, peace and true happiness are harmful thus must be discarded. Our minds are framed by what the media tell us everyday. So, in the West people think like this and in Asia people think like that…why?

There are solutions for our problems. first we must be aware that we have a problem…Everything starts with being aware..Image result for flower

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