Mauritius: where to get halal food?

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Many readers have in-boxed me concerning issues of halal

1- Is Mauritius a Muslim country?

No, Muslims are a minority

2. Do we have halal food everywhere in Mauritius?

No, we do not have halal food everywhere

3. Is halal food easy available?

Yes, halal food is easily available in some regions especially in Port-Louis and Phoenix. Alhamdulillah, there are more availabilities in Beau-Bassin, Rose-Hill, Quatre-Bornes and Curepipe 

4. Do all restaurants provide halal food?

No, only Muslim restaurants are 100 % halal. In some other restaurants, they may have a halal certificate. The certificate is annexed openly [those who pretend they have a certificate kept in the drawer or in a room should not be trusted]

Those who write “Halal food – no pork, no alcohol” BUT do not have a certificate may not be halal

5. Can we eat at hotels?

Yes and NO

It is our duty as Muslims to reject any kind of subterfuge – when we are talking about halal food, we mean there is no cross-contamination of halal and haram. Well, in many hotels, the workers have not learnt about halal and haram. They do not know the word ‘halal’. and if you ask them about ‘Muslim food’ they simply show you vegetarian food which are often placed next to pork. Often you see cheese placed next to jam. This is not only confusing but an INSULT !!!

Once you book for a hotel, you have to make a clear request. Hotel managers have to respect you as a client. so, do not be shy to come with your request. Do not accept omelet that are cooked in the same recipient where jam is cooked. You can see this practice in many hotels [worldwide, not only in Mauritius].

6. Are we allowed to eat at the polytheists?

Have a look at surah Maaidah [chapter 5] Allah has given us the PERMISSION to eat at the people of the Book. So, the polytheists do not form part of it. The best thing is to eat food cooked by yourself where you start in the name of Allah and you make dua that this food bring blessing to the whole family. Eating blessed food is important for our health but when you are travelling, it is not easy, so you should opt for a professional hotel who cares about healthy and clean food as well as halal food.

7. How to cook our own food when we are travelling?

You must choose apartments where they provide for kitchen. fresh halal meat and chicken are easily available. Most of our butchers are Muslims

8. Are vegetarians food halal for Muslims?

YES and NO

Vegetarian food is halal when it contains the right ingredients

Vegetarian food may contain alcohol such as wine vinegar in salad sauce. wine is used in many dishes, in dessert such as pancake, crepe etc. In fruit salad. fruit cocktail is famous in Mauritius and they often contain beer to preserve the fruit.

Some communities eat blood curry so you should beware of this.

  • Blood and blood by-products
  • Wine, beer, rhum, liquor
  • Animal
  • Human hair or animal hair
  • Foods contaminated with any of the above products
  • GELATINE  is an odourless, tasteless, protein substance like glue or jelly, obtained by boiling the bones, hoofs, and other waste parts of animals. [some gelatine are veg such as agar agar]
  • COCHINEAL/CARMINE – E120, E122    A red dyestuff consisting of dried bodies of female cochineal insects. [red color in various food]

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