Suicide among adolescents

Suicide is taking our own lives before our prescribed death

We decide to take our lives instead of living until death calls upon us

So, for Muslim beliefs, this is a terrible state because suicide is not permissible. It is giving ourselves to the plot of shaytan, subhan Allah. May Allah have mercy upon us and protect us against the plot and waswas of shaytan

It is important to consider how many people are distressed, desperate and hopeless. They can not find a solution to their problems. It is as if they are living in darkness and there are no hands to take them away from their heavy troubles

Many parents [not all, Alhamdulillah] do not converse with their kids. They do not have time or do not care to know what is happening in the lives of their daughters and sons. What seems more interesting nowadays is to buy gadgets that they think may replace valuable moments or eating together at a fast food where everyone is looking at their mobiles.

As you see, human beings are created with emotions. they are full of emotions and if they do not learn how to release these emotions, they become fragile. And many medias such as bollywood films which show that LOVE is the greatest religion, may create many confusions in the child. Love is not a religion and loving should not be idealized to the point that  kids may decide to kill themselves in the name of love.

Parents should train their children and at the same time, should not pressure them or threaten them with all kinds of things so that their fragile mind cannot support anymore and they decide to kill themselves

Yes, there are cases of Muslims who kill themselves because our societies refuse to listen or we stand as judges instead of supporters. People like to have children for decorations but when you walk on the roads, you can see how many people illtreat their babies and young kids. I have once seen a man, like an angry monster slapping his two-three year old son [who just started walking] who was walking around in a restaurant instead of following his parents. The angry bulldog came and slapped the little kid in the head and he fell face down crying but the monster was not at all ashamed!!! Imagine, he did not show any sign of pity towards his own son who was crying. Instead he showed more anger and the wife who was several steps away, rushed in.  she was ashamed by this public scene – things that she is used to at home [may be]. Everybody was watching. so, she said: “You are a savage!” Now imagine how he behaves everyday with his kid at home, imagine how this little boy is going to pass his childhood and adolescent next to such a man!!!!

They were not Muslims but anger, violence has no religion. It happens in the mind and heart of the individual. Anyone can be loving. anyone can be violent.

I saw another situation where a girl of ten, eleven was walking with her parents and she asked for something. the mother just hit her in the face and the girl shyly and powerless, looked down. But you could feel how disappointed she felt, how uncomfortable …but there are many monsters like this who PRETEND they like children but in reality they hate others and they do not know how to love their own children and the society is looking at such things without a word. Yes, without a word because if you try to intervene, they will slap you, insult you and create huge problems for you. You can only make dua for them and pray that they read something and change for the best

Now imagine, do you think that these children will establish good rapport with their parents once they grow old? This is another subject that we will treat separately

Coming to the point of suicide, there are young kids who are desperate in love, where parents decide to refuse their fiance simply because they have dark colored skin, yes, we still have such cases!! Or because the girl has a degree and the boy has  a higher certificate, or the boys is earning a little less than the girl. These are cases of ignorance where parents do not care for the heart of their own kids. It is a shame that Muslims are still forcing their kids to marry old and rich guys. Forcing in Islam is a sin but they do not fear Allah at all. They act as gods and goddesses in their own houses

Children often do not have islamic knowledge because their parents themselves are ignorant and focus on secular knowledge and when they are in trouble, they cannot find any solution

Why do you have to force your daughter to marry someone of your choice? Why do you have to choose a girl for your son? Who gave you that right to decide and impose upon them to the point of losing them forever? Many children are abused by their parents. Abuse is a terrible thing because it gets over your emotion and destroy your life. Some people even take it on religion, saying it is your duty to listen to your mum or dad. Yes, there is a limit to everything. When a child reaches a certain age and feel comfortable to marry, you as a parent, you cannot forbid your child to marry. You can advise. You can discuss but you cannot impose especially if you have no point in disagreeing. don’t build high expectations that reflect only your dreams and not the dreams of your children.

Think how you would feel if you were in his/her position.

Stop abuse. Stop love abuse. stop power abuse. stop parental abuse


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