How to cure from sihr/magic/sorcery

This is a compilation I have made from comments received on a site. These comments may help you in sha Allah and may Allah reward all those who have commented

important advice

  1. I suffered multiple black magic over last 10 years

    from experience, don’t miss salad, try your best to read at mosque or jama
    any time you feel under attract read Surat fateh nas falek and wily Allah hu ahad, seven times and blow on your self,
    recite any verses of Quran you know in to water and drink as many rims a day as you can after fajar and assar and magrib recite for 1hour what ever you can, but reading Quran is best if can read,

    most important is to carry on and recite what ever you know of Quran whilst sitting walking, what is said above is tough for the one sufferin , I know and any who suffered knows, this is how I thought when effected by sihr,

    not let a junky kafir jinn mess with your body and mind, punish the jinn by reciting when lying, walking, sitting, hurt the jinn like he hurts you, hate the jinn, quran reciting is seriously effective but it’s hard wen your effected by sihr, believe me, if Allah wills the jinn will leave, may 2 weeks maybe 2 months maybe 2 years

    2. To all those who are suffering from sihr I urge you to do HIJAMA for verily it is a cure by the permission of Allah.Do HIJAMA every week for like a month & you will surely see a difference. It weakens the jinn sooo much! I know because I used to be affected.

    Continue with hijama for months, as you know shaytaan runs through the blood of the body. The sihr is already in the blood so removing the blood through hijama will also remove some of the sihr.

    Try sidr in the bath & rub olive oil all over the body every night for a month, as it’s a blessed tree ‘shajaratun mubarakatun’ as Allah swt says in surah nur. And the jinn hate it.

    Ultimately shifaa is from Allah, these tests are to get you closer to Allah swt & salat in Jamaa is important also.

    Never lose hope or give up, all this is a forgiveness & a raising of our ranks. We have so many sins, it may be that we meet our lord sinless due to these trials which we are facing.


  2. Do no take baya with anyone. Especially sheikh nazim as the person posted above. Do no go to anyone who asks for your mother’s name or gives you taweez, these are magicians. Know cure cones only from Allah that no one can cure you apart from him. I recommend listen to lectures on aqeeda. Lectures by abdulla farsi can be found on youtube on imaan.

    Eat 7 ajwa dates or any dates. 7 every morning.

    Mix one – two tablespoon of honey. Good quality honey. Manuka or sidr and mix with ruqia water ( water recited on) drink everyday.
    1-Pray your five daily prayers on time, pray it slowly and try and understand what you are reciting
    2- Music strenghtens the shayateen and Quran weakens them, stay away from music and listen to Quran on a regular basis, especially have it nice and loud in the house covering all rooms.
    3- recite “laa ilaaha il Allah wahdaahu laa shareekala, laa hul mulku walaa hul hamdu wa huwa alaa qulli shay in Qadeer” 100 times a day
    4-recite Quran in water, 7 x al faatiha, 7 X ayatul kursi, 7 X surah’s Ikhlas, 7 X Surah Falaq and 7 X Surah Naas, do three dry spits in it and drink this on a regular basis, use this water to wipe over your body, especially affected areas such as tummy and sometimes where the jinn settles in certain areas in the body which one may feel. Also pour some of this water in a spray bottle and spray around the house if one feels that the house is also affected.
    5-remove any pictures or statues around the house which is of a living object such as humans and animals
    6- Take wudhu before sleeping, cup your right hand over your left do three dry spits and recited 1 x surah ikhlas, falaq and naas and wipe all over your body and repeat this three times. Recite ayatul kursi and the last two ayat of al Baqarah “aamanah rasool” then sleep
    7-play the “ruqyah” cd nice and loud around the house as much as possible if you don’t have a ruqya cd, see the link below or purchase the cds from
    8- Obtain a book titled “fortress of a muslim” in arabic its called “husnil muslim” it is a book with various dua that you should say in your daily life for blessings and protection.
    9- Repent on a daily basis, do lots of dua asking Allah to cure you.
    Put your trust in Allah and inshaAllah you will be cured. Eat healthy and do regular exercise, do lots of good deeds and keep getting closer to Allah through your worship, the closer you are to Allah the better your life will inshaAllah become.
    Go to the link below and download “Treat yourself by yourself against Jinn” and “Treat yourself by yourself against magic” listen to it on a regular basis nice and loud so the recitation reaches all around the house.

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