Going to umrah and hajj and sinning

Bismillah Ar Rahman Ar Rahman

Subhan Allah we are surely nearing the End Times. The world is full of Muslims wishing to accomplish their Umrah and Hajj but they are not ready to seek knowledge before undertaking such pilgrimage

It is a shocking scene while you reach either the Haram of Madina or Makkah. Despite all facilities for shoes, Muslims are more concerned with keeping their shoes than any act of ibadah.

Shoes is one of the biggest fitnah.

  1. Some come in the masjid walking with their shoes inside the haram, and walking on the carpet and putting their dirty sweaty shoes where people have to prostrate.
  2. They remove their shoes and bring them inside and put them in front of other muslims so that when you prostrate you smell the strong odour and you get sick with dust and dirt
  3. They bring their shoes and they put them anywhere, on the carpet, next to the Quran….
  4. Few people use the facilities of putting their shoes in a plastic and put them in their bags. These are the people who understand they are entering the haram of Makkah and Madinah

Added to shoes problem is the use of the Quran

  1. It is fashion nowadays to use the Quran to reserve seats for friends and families. So, what they do, they take a Quran on the shelves and they put it down on the walking areas. So, musallihs come and they cross the Quran with their feet. This happens often and nobody cares. crossing the Quran with your feet while you wear the Ihram, subhan Allah

2. The Quran is put down while people do their selfie, they simply put the Quran down on the carpet next to their feet

3. They put the Quran on their shoes

4. They put the Quran down and they stand up in front of the Quran to pray

When respect is gone, there is nothing more to say. These same people, Allah knows best, if you go to their house, they remove their shoes before entering their house but when they come to the masjid, they come with dirty shoes where they have sweated a lot in their shoes and which smell horribly and they don’t care if people get sick by breathing this filthy air and strong odour and get some allergies.


  1. People with ihram smoke. They cannot stop smoking and there is no law about it. So, wherever you are, even though you are sick, you have no choice. the strong horrible smell of cigarettes is everywhere, at hotel, on the road, heading to the haram people keep on smoking.

I live in a non-Muslim country where Muslims are a minority yet the law concerning cigarette is a serious one – nobody has the right to smoke in public areas and Mauritius masha Allah is a clean country with pure air. Muslim people from other countries should take example from Mauritius


In sha Allah, may Allah open the eyes and hearts of those who are sincere and through this article, let them learn how to behave properly and responsibly