Preparing for Hajj – the fifth pillar of Islam

Islam [entering into the realm of peace by submitting to a unique Creator] stands upon five pillars. They are:

  1. Testifying that there is no God, there is only Allah. The second part is to accept Muhammad [peace be upon him] as the last messenger of God
  2. Muslim prayer [salah]
  3. Fasting in the month of Ramadan [swiyam]
  4. Zakaat [alms or charity]
  5. Pilgrimage to Makkah on specific days during the month of Zul Hijj [Hajj]

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Hajj means pilgrimage. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. Islam is built on five pillars but these pillars are there to maintain the whole structure of Islam. So, as people believing that there is only ONE CREATOR and that prophet Muhammad is the messenger of God whom Muslims called Allah, hajj must be prepared in advance

This preparation has to be done with awareness and good morals. it is not because you are Muslims [without understanding the duties of a Muslim] and you have the financial means that you think all the requirements are met for you to perform hajj. No, no, no

Somehow you have misinterpreted the hadith. The prophet [peace be upon him] addressed his companions who understood tawheed and the actions of islam. you should not perform hajj being aware that you are ignorant and a loose person, not willing to ask Allah for forgiveness. Hajj is not a family picnic where you enjoy the most expensive hotel and the niciest food

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Laughing, cracking silly jokes about others and sitting in the masjid as if you are in clubs without caring about the right ethics. You should feel ashamed

Many Muslims want to perform the fifth pillar without the three: prayer,  fasting and zakaat. others believe that after hajj, they will start praying, stop taking drugs, stop smoking cigarettes and wearing the hijab etc. this is shaytan’s trick and his waswass. he is making you believe that hajj has the ability to transform you. no. you have been given the will power to do good. You can decide to change any time but hajj is a means to purify you, to bring you closer to Allah if you have good intention and do rituals according to principles. yes, this one is correct.

The requirements for hajj are:

  1. You must believe in Allah and Muhammad ]pbuh] as last messenger of Allah. After him there is no other prophet
  2. You must reach the age of reason because if you do not have the age of reason,your age is only a good action for you but you will have to do it again once you reach the age of maturity
  3. You must be sane. It means that you must be mentally fit
  4. you must be physically fit to undertake the journey as well as physically fit to perform the rituals
  5. Your heart, mind and soul must be attached to Allah in such a way that you go there in order to fulfill your duties to Allah and come back clean from sins. You should know that hajj is not about visiting places and doing businesses and going there with families without the certainty of doing an act of ibadah
  6. You must learn, prior your pilgrimage, what are the dos and the don’ts
  7. you must be able to leave aside all your bad habits. for example, you should NOT speak aloud in the masjid, you should not say foul words, you should NOT walk with your shoes inside the masjid, you should NOT CARRY YOUR DIRTY SHOES in your hands then put them on the carpet inside the masjid so that others breathe the bacteria/dirt/bad smell coming from your shoes [astaghfirullah]. 

    think of your brothers and sisters who have asthma, bronchitis, who cannot breathe dirt, and may fall very sick because of the bacteria in your shoes]. Islam is about thinking of others’ comfort and health. never forget this if you want Allah to have mercy upon you DOOR SIGN RUSTIC ENGRAVED WOOD.'PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES THANKYOU'

  8. While setting to pilgrimage, clean yourself, wear clean clothes. After your pilgrimage, take proper bath, wear clean clothes. Make sure, you don’t smell bad. If you and your family are used to your strong smell, you should care ABOUT OTHERS. OTHERWISE ANGELS WONT COME NEAR YOURelated image
  9. Make istighfar [repent sincerely to Allah] instead of paying attention to petty details like having nice clothes, taking excessive time to go to the tailor and shops for getting the niciest clothes. All these are less important. What is more important is to build a strong relationship with Allah and to repent and make dua so that your iman is uplifted and protected
  10. Be a model for others. Don’t give difficulties to others by being irrespectful to the masjid, the people, the workers and islam
  11. It is your duty to explain to your parents who are ignorant and who are illiterate. It is your duty to share with them in the language that they understand
  12. Hajj is not about stealing your Muslim brothers and sistersRelated image
  13. Hajj is not about begging and doing begging businesses
  14. Hajj is not about lying to enrich yourself
  15. Hajj is not a picnic
  16. hajj is not a family gathering or party. It is a big shame for hotels to accept that men smoke and give difficulties to non smokers. a big shame for those managers of hotels in makkah. Gender discrimination is obvious in many hotels.
  17. hajj is not about doing selfies and us-fies to show to the world that you are wearing an ihram and that you are ‘lucky’ or a ‘star’ passing in front of the kaaba. all these are ridiculous. You are humiliating yourself and making shaytan happy about your ignorance
  18. Don’t debase yourself by putting your photos everywhere on facebook because intelligent people can see that you are NOT THERE FOR THE RIGHT REASON. your objective is ONLY to show off.

May Allah forgive us all for our short coming. May Allah have mercy upon us all and guide us all towards what is right. It’s so important to be rightly guided. it is so important to be surrounded with good people


Go for hajj for the right reasons and feel the change deep inside of you

Ammaara Uddeen