Manism versus feminism – not a new concept

The injustice done towards women is not only unfair, it is shame that proves that men as well as many ignorant women are still unable to see the truth: the Creator has created two genders – men and women with astounding qualities. Together they are strong and apart, they can only suffer and be depressed – Ammaara Uddeen

Ammaara Uddeen's life Journey

Are you a manist? do you think that manism is part of Islam? by Ammaara Uddeen
Short introduction
Gender issues have always existed. Gender discrimination is NOT NEW. Since the beginning of discrimination between men and women, some noble, courageous  and intelligent women have tried to bring justice in the society. Of course, history has witnessed how these women were jailed, oppressed, cursed and martyred in the name of justice.
Yes, some brave women have tried to voice out their rights; at times, this has worked and at times not. many women have been killed to save humanity from ‘man-unity’ because ‘man-unity’ means injustice; it means a shame and a contradiction to the Will of God. men have tried to suppress the intelligence, courage and will of women in order to show their manhood. This demonstrates how weak they can be and how coward too!! there is absolutely no reason…

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