Mental preparation for hajj 2018

If you are preparing to go to hajj,

or if you have friends, families, colleagues or neighbours [anyone you know] who are going to hajj,

it is recommended to remind them of their attitudes

Many Muslims are not literate, they do not use social networks, they do not read, they do not attend conferences – hence, they are ignorant

However, they have the good intention of performing their last obligatory pillar, Alhamdulillah. May Allah grant them the best and teach them proper conduct

So, it is important that they take the opportunity to CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOR THE BETTER AND QUIT EVIL

  1. Do not smoke especially when you wear your ihram and you are in Makkah and heading towards the ka’abah
  2. Stop abusing people with vulgar attitudes and language
  3. Do not steal
  4. Do not walk with your shoes inside the masjid
  5. Do not leave your shoes on the carpet inside the masjid [the reason is simple. they contain germs and bacteria]. This is not only an offence but it is a sin to contaminate others. This is one of the reasons why so many people are sick. it is due to lack of hygiene and germs

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