How to evaluate your level of intelligence?

Do you wonder why you are depressed and often feel that you cannot develop your talents at work? Do you think that others are above you and that they perform better than you? Do you feel that you are overpowered by your colleagues and school mates because they seem to know better, to speak with assurance whereas you feel inner fear, insecure…?

Never measure yourself with others. Measure yourself with truth. Train yourself to reach the goals you have been fixing. To do this, you must know who you are and what are your limits. You need to sit down calmly and reflect on you. What types of intelligences do you have?

To illustrate: do you excel in interpersonal understanding or intra-personal understanding? Are you better at mathematics [logics] or linguistics? continue like this and then write down what you have discovered about you.

After that, see whether your interests match what you are able to do. For example, if you are good at maths, you will see a natural inclination for that subject. It’s normal. work harder in these subjects. Try to do better and you will feel better too (smile) because you will develop self-confidence

it’s really hard those days to live quietly and to perform because the number of people who want to achieve in life is craaaazzzy!!! Yes, people have to fight to be always on top and ambition is often equal to having lots of money. But not that only, there is a belief that everyone has to show off what they know more than others: being most beautiful, wearing the most beautiful dresses, being the super top fashionistas, having the most handsome partner, eating at the super top restaurant….well, you can continue the list for me…

So, how do you think you can achieve and being peaceful at the same time if everything is going super fast and you have to maintain this trend 365 days a  year

Life is beautiful. We need to take care of ourselves. Nobody will take care of us once we fall because we are headed towards an individualistic world where people are only interested about themselves. So, take a break and reflect and remember that you are intelligent and you only need to train yourself towards what you love and what you sincerely intend to do in life.

With lots of love





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