The distress of this world

This life is full of tests and trials for people of all ages irrespective of faith. Life is tougher because our time is spent on work, private tuition, having extra money for our family, watching television and being on social media.

time is precious because it cures us. It protects our brain, memory, thoughts and behaviour and at the same time, it protects us against jinns and sorcery. That’s sound strange, right? that’s may sound excessive to the rationale mind or those who are not deep thinkers because they cannot relate time with health.

Let me tell you my friends: the time you take to sit comfortably alone with your own self is more precious than money and friends. It brings you to your central part: your soul. You need to do this exercise every day. You need to protect your soul and mind from noise and talks. When you are silent, you increase your positive energy. It allows you to be critical and to analyse your actions which you can’t do when you are having a hectic life with lots of bla bla bla and tones of laughter.

If you trust my words and experience, then you please go ahead for a week or two and you will discover the wealth of pleasure to sit alone everyday and you will feel much better and more comfortable with your own silence. at the beginning, you will not be comfortable because you are not AWARE OF YOUR SELF. YOU HAVE NOT BEEN ACQUAINTED WITH YOUR OWN SELF. IT TAKES TIME TO BUILD A RELATIONSHIP. LIKEWISE, IT TAKES TIME TO BE IN YOUR OWN COMPANY, TO LOVE YOURSELF AND TO CHERISH THOSE MOMENTS WITH YOUR SELF.

so, to reiterate, you will have to take at least five to ten minutes of your time to know yourself if you are a novice. With time, you can keep yourself company for 30 minutes and sometimes, you would like to stay alone in order to accomplish quality work because your intelligence is developed through silence and your immune system is regenerated through silence.

Silence is your best friend

Your sister


Please listen to this video several times a day. It will definitely sooth you. and may Allah grant his ease to the brother who is reading it