If you have asthma, this article is for you!!!

Dear brothers and sisters,

I would like to create a page here for all those who suffer from asthma or have breathing difficulties from time to time.

Asthma is a terrible test for those who suffer from it and as it is, there is no cure for it except some temporary relief. For this also, we thank Allah for the temporal relief to allow His creatures to breathe!

You can share your problems here.You can share your experiences, your solutions, what you do when you have asthma? how do you try to cure yourself?

What are the reasons for asthma?

  1. Some people have asthma since childhood and it is considered
  2. some people develop breathing problem in their adolescence or adulthood

asthma can come from pollution: too much constrict air, cigarette smoking or sitting around people who smoke, living near a factory or near the main road…

Asthma can come from heavy workload when you are too stressed and have no time to breathe in and out

Asthma can come from magic and sorcery…someone who decides to trick you through this….

Some solutions that can help

  1. Swimming
  2. Breathing starts early in the morning to breathe fresh air
  3. keep calm. do not do your work hastily
  4. do some silent sitting every day
  5. listen to  ruqya
  6. Listen to a calm music without song such as the noise of water, of sea etc
  7. do not dine late at night
  8. do not eat rice at night
  9. Do not eat frozen food and chilled dessert, drinks etc
  10. Don’t tire yourself
  11. when you are sick, sleep over at least two pillows
  12. use black seed
  13. drink something hot
  14. use ginger in your food or boil ginger for one cup of water
  15. use honey instead of white sugar
  16. avoid refined food
  17. Avoid chili, pickles, meat etc


May Allah bless you all and may Allah shower mercy on us all