The tragedy of being surrounded by jealous and envious people

The human mind is terrible!

While the world seems to advance rapidly,

jealousy and envy, in the hearts of men, are growing

Men and women are jealous over petty matters and they plot against their colleagues, friends, and relatives

What a terrible society!

Isn’t it more important to be morally formed than having degrees and not being able to handle human relationships?

Every day, you hear people complain about their family members, their friends, their colleagues etc,. now, imagine, both the jealous and the one who is being envied think they are victims.

It means that many people are not aware of their weaknesses! I often hear people say: I’m not jealous. You should know that human beings are created with good and bad and the test is to strive in order to get rid of the bad. Jealousy can be found in every human being but the level of jealousy can amount from mild to excessive.

Jealousy can be felt by the person and he tries to pacify it. There are many people who cannot control their ill feelings. They are just mad at those who are sincerely achieving!!!

At home, mothers and fathers should help their kids control their negative emotions! they should not nourish jealousy, envy and ill feelings about others.

At work, you will always see a group of people who tries to rob your ideas, etc and this shows a lack of savoir-vivre …they have not learnt moral ethics.