The fear of corona virus

Fear is a natural thing.  But there are different levels of fear.  When people are most vulnerable,  lonely and unspiritual,  they may become very stressed because they have no advice,  no one to support them and they lie  in darkness.

Their fears are turned into obsessions and they lose control of their minds…

This shows that we have not trained ourselves to accept difficult situations and we have not trained ourselves to accept the unexpected.  Also,  very often we live carelessly but we don’t care about it’s outcome.  When things get stuck,  we scream,  get nervous,  become hectic and we become irrational.

In order to better digest all these info that we are getting on the virus, we need to calm down and take time to stay with ourselves.  Spending time alone and think is really important.  In the beginning,  it requires effort and patience but once we have crossed this level,  things become easier.


Take time to learn who you are.  You will be surprised to realize that you don’t know yourself,  that’s why you are over react.

Fear is also created by social media and networking.  When you stay away from people,  you develop reliance in God.  You begin to love yourself and trust your own judgement…..

Whatever is written in your destiny will surely happen but you must establish a good relationship with the One who created you so that He takes you under His protection,  bless you and care for you.

Why would you like to be saved by a mortal instead of leaning on the One who is immortal, powerful and most generous?

The fear of corona virus can help you establish a better relationship with Allah,  your Lord.  It is time to repent because we’ve been too far… People must stop indecency,  immorality and selfishness.  It’s time to share what we have,  to help each other and to be less greedy…

Be happy because there is blessing in every situation









Our life during confinement

Life is beautiful with tests and trials.  If we believe that we can live unpunished,  unconscious an careless,  we are wrong.

As human beings,  we are aware that life and death are real.  We all have to face death one day but what is really important is the utmost we can make of our lives so that we may end beautifully…and this requires quality time,  positive energy,  knowledge and so on… Confinement is a good thing because we have the time to come back to the essential. To know who we are,  the people and the things that surround us, to become mindful and careful about ourselves and the things we used to do automatically without consciousness.

What is a human without consciousness? Nothing


People have gone far,  very far… They have been abusing their own souls,  body and mind.  They have abused nature but confinement has put a stop to this silly trend.  Enough is enough

You are higher in status than animals. Why do you want to lower yourself down?  And then,  you complain that life is dull? You have the key,  use it for your benefits and the benefits of others.

Act responsibly. Begin to live

As you wake up in the morning and you pray to the Lord who gave you life,  you start acting as a human

As you stop to look at the flowers and the grasses,  you become conscious of other creatures around you.

Yes,  I agree that there are so many things nowadays that distract the mind but you can’t allow the media,  so called friends and social network to dictate you!!!  Your friends can’t control your thoughts and your whereabouts.  You have to take control of yourself

Now,  wake up and take a new turn.  Make the flowers,  the grass,  the cats… Your new friends. They will never ever lose you… At night,  admire the sky and the stars. Listen to your heart.  It has something to tell you… A beautiful story,  I’m sure