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As salaam alaykum  Dear sisters & brothers from all over the world,

 May Allah Azzawajal bless you all with faith and peace of heart


My name is Sister Ammaara Uddeen. I live in an island called   Mauritius. It is a small island in the Indian Ocean with 1.2 million inhabitants. [You can watch videos from our blog]

I was born from a Roman Catholic family and have embraced Islam several years ago, Alhamdulillah. I am ever grateful to Almighty Allah who has bestowed such immense favours upon me. Life without Islam is like a sea without water and a sea without water is no more a sea, so is life without Islam; it is dull….

I founded this blog several years ago with the objective of dawah and to advise all those who needed help, support, assistance and to demonstrate that there are Muslim ladies who are striving for Islam, who are capable and committed.

I pray that Allah will provide me always with more wisdom each day in order to better serve my community.

I am:

An Islamic teacher for college students

An exam coach for Sc and HSC students & devising remedial programs for students

A female journalist-writer

An editor for Islamic articles, magazines and books

An international translator

Voice over

Social Consultant

Pastoral Care 

Organizer for Islamic Events

I am fluent both in English, French and Creole

I have a Maitrise de la langue Française and Français Supérieur [at Alliance Française]

I have a Diploma and a licence in Computer Studies I hold a degree in Communication Science as Media Studies

I hold a BA Honours in Islamic Studies as well as a Master Degree [with Distinction] in Islamic Studies

I  founded  the Tahrir an nissa group in 2000. This group which is composed essentially of women caters for the well being of women and youngsters.

I am the author of  three books [all in French version] :

  • Le credo de l’Islam
  • La Sagesse Alimentaire
  • Sur les routes nouvelles – vivre en la présence divine.
  • Des ténèbres vers la lumière


  • You can read my two new books on wattpad [in English]:
  • My happy diary [Amrdeen] and My life is an illusion [amrdeen]
  • I am also the Chief Editor and owner of Oasis Magazine and Forteresse:  an Islamic magazine which caters for the welfare of women

We published the magazine Forteresse in October 2011, a quality wise magazine for the whole family. Anyone who wants to promote our work, to collaborate with us or to help us in any way in order to please Allah alone, and to build his own aboard in Jannat -ul- firdaus, please contact me. We will be very pleased for this.


Since Feb 2006, we [our sisters group and myself] have opened a Fissabillillah shop to better serve the community in terms of advice, invitation to Muslims as well as non Muslims….

We hope insha Allah to continue this noble task for the betterment of our ummah and also to invite other women to our beautiful Deen

For contact: magazineforteresse@yahoo.com

Our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Minddetoxed/


Please have a look at the bilingual blog:






May Allah Azzawajal guide us all and protect us from our enemies, the enviers, the jealous, the sorcerers and all those who want to harm us and our family. May Allah provide us, each day, with the ability to do good and to forbid evil. May Allah keep our heart always happy and provide us with a sound health so that we may continue to do good and spread good.

Your Sister in Islam

Ammaara Uddeen

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