Admire these beauties and start your day with a smile and say: Masha Allah

Life’s concept 

There are many creatures and only ONE CREATOR. Any person of common sense will agree with that. When we look around us, every single thing brings us to the Oneness of Allah. Allah is the Creator of the earth, the heavens and every single creature has been created….

Look at these beauties, they are all so beautiful and when you see such beauties, you want to cuddle them but do you ever think, who created them?

Well, you should because we did  not create them. no human being created them, then where do they come from? It is Allah who creates ….so Glorify HIM and thank Him for everything.

Everything has been created in pairs, only Allah is Unique



Hey hey: I am dressed today to go out. you come with me?

I am a mum of five children: whuuuuu its hard ….no time to be on facebook!!!

I’m fed up! Me too! how long should we remain in those drums? Hey, get us out from these, will you?

I am not pretending: I really can eat at a table …







I see your baby goats and raise you these tiny

The 34 Cutest Baby Pygmy Goats On The Internet!

Hey hey hey: see you soon on this page …..

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