The best quotations written by Ammaara Uddeen

 Every quote written is meant to bring consciousness to the readers and to the self. Life is a journey which starts from the cradle to the grave, so use your time to enrich yourself and do not waste it with what people say against you or try to do to impoverish your mind and heart – Ammaara Uddeen

Many people on earth are alive though their souls are dead. They eat, drink, work and sleep without true consciousness. The reason for it is that their souls are not nourished

People meet each other for one day, for two days, for a week, for one year or for many years. Then , they do not meet again. However the distance, they continue to act on each other and that’s the reality of life. People do not completely die from your memory. The same thing happens when you are in contact with animals and other things, they never cease to exist in your mind.

There are people with whom you are not able to co-habit whatever the effort both of you make; it happens in many circumstances because deep inside there is another truth which your logic cannot understand

Some people like to hurt others. Whether they do that purposely or unconsciously, the fact is there. They are not aware of the wrong they cause around them and how people can be morally disturbed by their words or actions. It is time, we evaluate our own words and actions on people

Life is nothing without Allah. It is Allah who gives sense to your life. So, be humble and bow down to HIM so that He may give life to your life.

Many people are living, yet dead. They have a heart but they cannot understand. They have ears but they cannot hear, they have eyes but they cannot see. The passion for this world has swallowed their soul and the veil of darkness has been set over their heart, eyes, ears until they have become lifeless

Consciousness is the most powerful word that I know. Consciousness makes you human. you are not a human being if you are not conscious about who you are and who created you…..Consciousness brings realization every day in your life and gives your life a right direction.

Today people go to school for a job. If this is the purpose of education then education is worthless. Education is about acquiring true and deep knowledge each day. It nourishes the heart and gives happiness to one’s heart and mind. There is nothing more soothing than true knowledge because it is inspiring, it is profound, it softens the heart, removes hypocrisy and ignorance and gives a sense of independence and immense satisfaction. Allah says: Are they equal those who know and those who do not know?” in surah 39 v 9. This is a clear indication that people of knowledge are highly appreciative of Allah’s blessings and gift. They understand with their mind and heart and therefore they are grateful.

Build your personality through constant reflection and learning.

Do not try to acquire a personality which is not yours, soon it will collapse and your true self will surface.

Human beings are not static by nature. Allah has provided them with a programmable mind. The thing is, we need constantly to sit alone and reflect if we are on the right way. It is normal to slip and fall but sometimes the fall can last several years and even until death. this is why we must try our best not to fall; a slip can make us realize that we are on the point of falling down, so beware!!! Surround yourself with people who can empower you, bring the good out of you and upgrade you. Leave those who criticize you from morning to evening without showing you the way. Often these negative people live in your own house, so you have to struggle hard to remain far away from their polluted words and minds.

Do not be a person of denial. Be always open to learn new things

If you take lessons from your failure and you learn to grow up from it, then you can teach the world what true success means

Do not follow the footsteps of your elders unless you have verified whether they were right or wrong.

Silence is one of the precious gift which was given to us by our beloved prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him]. Through silence, we learn to control our emotions and to understand things that were confusing to us. Silence has been acknowledged by many great saint men, philosophers and the like. This is why we learn from the proverb: silence is gold. It denotes its preciousness. Today, silence is almost a dormant attribute because everybody wants to talk and no one wants to keep silent.

Health means order and disease means disorder

Keep your body balanced. The internal environment of the body is constantly reacting to the external environment.  Disorder occurs when these two are out of balance.

Silence is one of the best gift you ever have. Learn to keep silent even 5 minutes a day until it becomes a second nature

There is a volcano deep inside of each human being. It can surface the moment you least expect it

Love of God is the most beautiful thing that can happen to any human being

People have lied about religion. They have been lying for decades; unless you find the truth, you will become a slave of their lies

Both men and women have been given equal rights and duties by God but it seems someone has stolen women’s rights

“Men believe they are superior and women believe that men are superior. then women complain they are weak and dominated. They need equality”

Ignorance is an unforgivable sin. People live on earth for years, yet they find no time to educate themselves

No hadith can contradict the Qur’an. So, if you come with an authentic hadith and it contradicts the Qur’an, then know that it is not a sunnah!!!

How many times have I heard this: “I would never have become a Muslim if I had met Muslims before I met Islam….” O Muslims it is time to correct our attitude and behaviour

What is gender equality, if everywhere women are oppressed?

What is love if there is no obedience?

If Islam is the most civilized way of life, how is it that Muslims are backward?

Al Insaan Al kaamil – the perfect human being

Avoid going to extremes. It shows that you are imbalanced. Your mind and your emotions are uncontrolled

What is success if you do not have knowledge and understanding of Islam?

You cannot be a believer if you have not worked on your character. character is what will bring you closer to Allah. when your character is vile, you are the first to suffer because it is an uncomfortable feeling deep inside. It tires the soul and the mind. This is why Islam teaches us about Adaab. Adaab is a complete set of manners and behavioural attitudes.

People always complain that life has not given them enough. Have they ever asked to themselves what they have given to life? It is a false concept to curse life, because life itself is about struggle. We need to struggle everyday to work on our weaknesses, to build our strength and to maintain it, we need to ask Allah to protect our strength all the time

The most ungrateful people on earth are those who spend their time complaining

Don’t say: tomorrow i will do it, without saying in sha Allah

Why can’t human beings sit and read the Qur’an and try to understand its meaning? Who made them believe that their minds are not functional? who made them think that they cannot reflect for themselves and need someone else to read and explain to them?

Indeed, Allah has created mankind free and many people have enslaved themselves through their own reasoning.

Your thoughts can either enslave you or free you!

Duality is a terrible thing. You end up exhausted because it enslaves you. Free yourself from all forms of duality and set free your conscience.

Health is order; disease is disorder.

To be a Muslim is to submit oneself wholeheartedly to the One Creator, Allah

How many people call themselves Muslims, yet their heart and mind are not in submission to the One Creator. Many have submitted to their egos and their passions so that they are chained by their own frame of mind. This is sad

You’re not in a happy place today but you have the power to make tomorrow better. Never forget that

Think about this adage: failing to prepare is preparing to fail

Whatever you have to do, prepare it in advance. Don’t go unprepared because you think you know….

Fear is a created thing. It is the accumulation of emotions. Don’t fear failure and rejection, instead make these your best friends

An idle mind is a devil mind. so keep your mind busy with beautiful thoughts and keep studying new things each day

-Sister Ammaara


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