Is school the best place to learn?

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Is unschooling the best solution nowadays?

Margaret Mead (December 16, 1901 – November 15, 1978) was an American cultural anthropologist who featured frequently as an author and speaker in the mass media during the 1960s and 1970s. She earned her bachelor’s degree at Barnard College in New York City and her M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Columbia University.

Quotes from Maargaret Mead

Every time we liberate a woman, we liberate a man. Maargaret Mead
The solution to adult problems tomorrow depends on large measure upon how our children grow up today
What people say, what people do, and what they say they do are entirely different things. 

What is happening today can be disastrous for educated children with just values, truthfulness and love for Allah and care for humanity. Children are the products of parents and the society. Going to school means to learn the ways of the system and to be connected everyday with all sorts of children – the good and the bad.

In many countries, children are the heroes of the society; whatever their actions!!! Corporal punishment is against the law and children feel they can do anything they want against their mates and against adults.

Good children learn to smoke, to say foul words, to trick and mock at their friends and to lie to teachers….

Good children are also bullied for being too good.

“I’m bad!” “I’m in a ghetto” “I want freedom” “I don’t care, it’s my life” 

These are welcoming expressions for young so-called heroes. The more you look and behave like a vagabond, the more you are applauded by the society, girls and boys.

Many parents do not care what their children are doing in front of them, so why should they care what they are doing outside…why should they care if teachers call them to report their child’s misbevahiour?

Today, we should not be surprised to see how the society is evolving – a big mess and this will continue until we decide to bring education at school!!!!


Is unschooling the best option nowadays?

Are parents well-aware of the number of problems and hardship that their children have to face at school?

Bullying is as old as the earth. Bullying will not stop because many children grow up with naughtiness and the ability to hurt and destroy others

Bullying can damage many lives forever

What does school propose to protect children from bullying others and to learn to become better souls?

Such questions really need our attention



The Aims of Education

Syed Ali Ashraf (1925 – 1998) Former Vice-Chancellor, Darul Ihsan University (Dhaka, Bangladesh) and former Director of the Islamic Academy (Cambridge)

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“The aims and objectives of education can be stated after defining the difference between education and instruction. Education helps in the complete growth of an individual’s personality, whereas instruction merely trains an individual or a group in the efficient performance of some task. A human being may be a great general, an efficient carpenter or a first-class pilot, a lawyer, a mechanic or a pathologist, a renowned doctor, a chemical engineer or a chartered accountant, but still remain a semi-educated, ill-mannered, immoral, unrighteous or unjust person. Similarly, someone may be a very fine painter, a good poet; or possess a love of beauty which is highly delicate and sensitive, but may, at the same time, be cruel or brutal, or an untruthful, unsocial individual, who deliberately ignores his or her duty towards neighbours or even spouse and children. We can say that people who have specialized in certain educational fields are well-instructed individuals, but we cannot necessarily regard them as truly educated. On the other hand, someone who knows and performs his or her duty towards self, family, neighbours and humanity, and at the same time has acquired a basic knowledge about how to earn a livelihood honestly and live a decent life, should be called an educated person. Such a person may not have specialized in a particular field of knowledge, but lack of expertise does not automatically prevent him or her from being recognised as an excellent human being”. [you may continue to read from the above mentioned link]

When we shall decide to drop the intellectual approach and decide upon a humane approach, then surely education and instruction will connect and make sense altogether” – Ammaara Uddeen





Don’t let the media tell you who is beautiful and who is not!!!

What is beauty? Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder

Everyone is beautiful and everyone has his/her admirers.

Don’t let the media tell you the criteria of beauty. Or you need to measure this and that, in order to be beautiful and admired

People spend huge sum of money to bring their skin from dark to white, they straighten their hair – who like artificial products? Everyone knows that natural products are healthy and useful. So, the Creator knows exactly why He created some white, some brown, some yellow, some dark…..Learn to love yourself and do not the media speak on your behalf and dictate your taste

Beauty is what makes your eyes and your heart happy and peaceful


Masha Allah

Sister Ammaara Uddeen

Muhammad, the excellent communicator of all times

There is nothing more important than communication among mankind.
Communication is the tool wherewith you establish contact with other people around you.
Communication can be oral, verbal, with signs etc
Animals communicate among them without words and human beings have been given the most perfect form of communication: words
Words are powerful: they can either destroy you or shape you. so, the one who is powerful in enunciating the right word at the right time with the right person is surely a wise individual – Ammaara Uddeen
Having said this, let us see how Communication is an important tool to build friendship, to invite people towards Islam [dawah]. Many Muslims have good intention of inviting their non Muslim friends, colleagues to Islam but they do not know how to do it. they do not possess the qualities of a good communicator. This can be learnt through training or by observing the best of man, Muhammad [peace be upon him]
 Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) actively communicated with the people around him. He was interested to talk to the people because he knew that success lies in communication. 
I have provided below some excerpts taken from the internet
The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) spoke to a variety of people. Some of them were able to see him, listen to him, share their daily life with him and constantly be under his influence. Others did not have such an active relationship with him, while still others joined the believers later or were part of the following generation.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was able to understand the social psychology, as well as the individual characteristics of the people who made up the society, and thus used different methods of communication
For example, he acted according to the conditions of the region he was in when eating, drinking or dressing. Again, when speaking or delivering a speech, he constantly observed the abilities of the addresses who listened to him, and the examples he used were chosen from a world in which the addresses lived and which they understood well. From animals, the most common examples he would use would be camels and from plants he would use the date.
Some of the people around him were from the city while others were Bedouins (living in the desert). For this reason, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), while forwarding a message that was to cover all ages and all people, acted wisely in the difficult task of establishing communication with the first addresses; he chose methods that were in accordance with their concepts and thoughts, their perceptions and abilities.

Do you fear God as you would fear a dangerous beast?

I have asked many young people while doing a survey, about the word TAQWA [Arabic word found in the Quran], nobody has been able to answer me and a few have said: FEAR of God
Now, my question is: what type of fear is that?
If you fear a wolf, you run away. This is logic. If you fear a killer, you run away
What about Allah? Do you run away from Him?
They become confused. This is the society we are bringing up and it is sad
TAQWA is a kind of consciousness that you develop while you get knowledge  of Deen. It develops God Consciousness and this kind of fear that prevents you from doing sin, is in fact a protection. It is a Spiritual Fear
This is why in the month of Ramadan, as you become aware that you need to fast, you prepare yourself spiritually. You become conscious that even though, nobody is watching you, you cannot eat and drink during a period of time. Even it is hot, and you want to drink some chilled sherbet, you will not do so, because you are God Conscious [you have developed taqwa].

“O ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you, that ye may achieve Taqwa.” Qur’an Al Baqara 2:183.

Taqwa is also one of the main objectives of the revelation of the Qur’an. Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala says:


Of course, by protecting yourself from the warnings and punishment of Allah, you obtain this unique understanding of Taqwa.
This is the main objective of fasting during the month of Ramadan. Allah has commanded people young and old to fast, in order to train them for taqwa.
So, the whole month of Ramadan [during 29 to 30 days], people are training their brain in accepting the fact that they have to fast privately and publicly, refusing to eat, drink and having sexual relationship with their wives during a period of time [while all these are normally legal actions] but during the month of ramadan, for several hours, those things are considered HARAM TO THEM
“O ye who believe! if ye fear Allah, He will grant you a Criterion (to judge between right and wrong)…” Al Anfaal 8:29.
This fear is developed with knowledge, understanding and striving in the path of truth. When you realize that your disobedience will have direct consequences on you [punishment], you develop fear and this fear takes you to negate sins. you want to stay away from sins, not from Allah!!! you become aware, conscious, you want to protect yourself and you are fearful of the consequences of your acts of disobedience.
I appeal to you to read this message with understanding by giving it a deep thought
Sister Ammaara Uddeen

Don’t poke your nose in things that do not concern you

Surely there is khayr [good] in it when the prophet [peace be upon him] says:

“Part of perfection of someone in Islam is LEAVING ALONE that which does not concern him…..”

The majority of people are like this: they like to interfere in people’s lives. They always think they know better. They judge people according to their own reality based on societal and cultural fact. Children grow up imitating their parents’ attitude and behaviour in the society without trying to change or improve certain bad habits that creep in the society. They often ask embarrassing questions to parents about their children, to wives about their husbands etc

Dear believers,

Before you ask a recently married couple when are u having a baby?

Before you ask a married couple why you are not having children after so many years?

Before you count how many years this couple has been married and still do not have children

Before you ask a divorced sister why do you get a divorce?

Before you ask an unmarried sister when are you getting married?

Before you ask a celibate why you did not marry?

If you say you are a believer , act like one !!!

If you say you are a believer, know that your duty is to respect the intimacy of others!!!

If you say you are a believer, know your limit,

Shut your mouth if you have nothing good to say,

Do not put people in situation where they feel they wish they had never met you,

There is wisdom in every thing even if you say you are a believer but you do not have the wisdom to see it

There is wisdom in differences of opinion even if you say you are a believer but you do not have the wisdom to accept the decision of others.

As a reflection:



O People, Get Ready For Your Departure!
Habib al-‘Abeed (RahimahuLLAAH) reports:

Once, when
I arrived in Basrah, I was surprised to see that
the markets were closed, and the streets empty.
I called out, “O people of Basrah, is this some
kind of holiday of yours that I am unaware of?”
Someone answered, “No, but al-Hasan al-Basri
(RahimauLLAH) is in the main gathering place of
basrah, giving a khutbah to the people.”
I hurried to his gathering , and when I arrived
there, I saw him sitting down on some high
ground .

He was saying:
“O people, prepare for departure, for very little
time remains from this world.
Prepare to move to the Aakhirah, for there is no
way to stay here.

Do you not know that you will soon be
surrendered to the place of trial?
Do you not know that each one of you will soon
be alone with his deeds and that you will be
presented with your deeds to ALLAAH on the day of judgment?
HE forbade you from sinning, but you have not
stopped sinning.

HE threatened you with the hell-fire, but you are
neither afraid nor terrified of it.
HE has encouraged you to seek our Jannah, but
you do not seem to desire it or long for it.
Your white hair are warning you of approaching
death, so what are you waiting for?
O white-haired one, you are able to perform good
deeds , so what is your excuse.

O one who obeys his mouth and his desires, who
wastes his share of the Aakhirah by taking his
entire share in this world, who persists in
committing sins and evil deeds , if only I knew :
what your excuse will be before HIM?
What argument will you put forth when you go to
HIM? You are lost and misguided, so ask ALLAAH,
the All-Mighty, to forgive both me and you.”

Extracted from alMawaa‘iz wal-Majaalis page 181

Advice to the converts of Islam

By Aisha Stacey / 28 May 2013

After a person has accepted Islam as their religion they will come to realise that Islam is more than just a religion – it is way of life.  Worship is not reserved for special days or special ceremonies; it is a part of our living and our dying, our working and our play, our rest and our study.  In short Islam is something that we live with all our actions, thoughts and deeds. Developing good habits to assist us in our everyday lives as a worshipper of the One God is easy. Below you will find a few guidelines to get you started.  They are habits that should InshaAllah become as familiar as breathing.

1. Dedicate some part of everyday to reading a translation of the Quran.

2. Pay strict attention to learning how to pray.  Try to improve your prayers until you are satisfied that you are praying in the correct manner. Sometimes this takes longer than you might expect, so do not be discouraged.

3.Try to learn some words of remembrance.  These can be said at any time of the day or night.  If you feel you do not know enough of the prayer ritual but want to spend longer connected to Allah then they can even be repeated at the end of your prayer.  Learn to say:SubhanAllah, Alhamdulillah  and Allahu Akbar.

“Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying), I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favours on you) and never be ungrateful to Me.”(Quran 2:152)

4. Give some form of charity every day.  Remember that in Islam giving charity can be as simple as smiling and brightening a person’s day.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, “Every Muslim has to give in charity.”  The people then asked: “(But what) if someone has nothing to give, what should he do?” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) replied:“He should work with his hands and benefit himself and also give in charity (from what he earns).” The people further asked: “If he cannot find even that?”  He (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) replied: “He should help the needy who appeal for help.”  Then the people asked: “If he cannot do (even) that?” The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said finally: “Then he should perform good deeds and keep away from evil deeds, and that will be regarded as charity.” Saheeh Al-Bukhari

“Every act of kindness is charity.” Saheeh Muslim

5. Avoid wasting your free time. You will discover that there 1001 things to do that are beneficial.  Time wasted on video games and idly surfing the internet can be better spent.  Once you understand that every single thing can be a way of worshipping Allah then playing video games for hours on end does not seem to be a very wise way to spend time.  Having said this however we now come to the next point.

6. Avoid going to extremes.  It may be tempting to fast everyday or read all of the Quran in one sitting but Prophet Muhammad warned us against going to extremes.  Therefore in a 24 hour day there is time to play and time to learn.

“Religion is very easy and whoever overburdens himself in his religion will not be able to continue in that way. So you should not be extremists…” Saheeh Al-Bukhari

7. Islam is a holistic religion; it requires us to pay attention to our spiritual, physical and mental health.  Therefore acquire habits that keep you healthy and add to your Islamic character.  Getting enough sleep at night allows you to rise early to pray. Eating the right foods in the right quantities keeps you energetic rather than lazy; this allows you to worship without hardship.

8.Try to make friends in the Muslim community. Staying in the company of people who worship Allah in the correct manner is a source of fun and benefit.  The best friends are those who talk about Islam more than the latest fashions. Good friends remind each other of their Islamic obligations, such as praying on time or the importance of helping others.

9.Try to read about the life and times of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). There are many good books in all languages that teach about the noble life of Allah’s final messenger. As Muslims we should love the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) but how do we love someone we do not know.

“Indeed in the Messenger of Allah you have a good example to follow for him who hopes in (the Meeting with) Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.”(Quran 33:21)

10. Acquire virtuous manners and morals. Learn about and try to emulate the morals and manners of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), those who lived around him and all of our righteous predecessors, including all the Prophets of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). Allah expects us to behave in the best manner, if we fail sometimes then we should seek forgiveness and try to do better.

Our religion is easy.  It is one small step at a time.  Slowly but surely acquire the habits that will make life in this world better and a better life in the hereafter secure

Need a job? Here you go…

Do it with a smile

Step 1: Introspection
Take a moment and think what all caused this to happen. The wrong habits or things you complied with, see if they can be beneficial for you now. If not, rule them and throw them out that very instance for the rest of your life and never return to them.

Step 2: Gather all what you got
Monetary wise, sum up all what you can by selling. Don’t borrow yet.
Qualification wise: Get a hold on all your certifications and education.

Step 3: The process initiation
Make a list of all places you can see yourself working for, according to the qualification you have.

Step 4: The application part
Apply for a job. The sooner, the better. There will be a lot of luck factor governing this step and a lot of hard-work too. So stay put, act bold and strive. Don’t fear failure and rejection, instead make these your best friends. You will meet them often in the start and if you turn your back for them, neither will you learn from them, nor will you profit from the failures. You will be else running in a loop of same errors and that will take you nowhere.

Step 4: Keep at it
Once on the job, realize it’s importance and keep working at it with full dedication. Prioritize the work at hand as there will be plenty. Everything else, and mind you everything, apart from work, can wait.

Step 5: Evolve
Don’t stop at any moment. Certification courses, part-time jobs, future planning.. keep at all this. Everyone has a tendency to settle down after a lot of hard time on small satisfying successes. Don’t be one of them as none of them ever made big.

You have an opportunity to cast your own life. Have a great one!

I wish you all the very best.




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Do you greet with hi, hello or with salam?

Are you among those who prefer ‘Hi! how are you?” “Hello, how are you today?” instead of ” As salamu alaykum wa rahmatullah” – peace and blessings to  you

I have travelled in some countries, and I was stunned how people do not greet with peace but they greet with the etiquette of hi and hello which actually does not mean anything.

Are you among those who complain that this life is difficult, full of trials and pain? Well, start with a clear conscience, by saying ‘salam’ to every Muslim. Give salam to your spouse, your children when they wake up; greet them with salam when they come back home. Greet your Muslim neighbours with salam, greet Muslims on the road with salam



These are the two things that will bring blessings in your life because the angels will shower mercy upon you and Allah is always with those who greet salam.


Can a rich want to become poor? Can a healthy want to be sick? Can they want to exchange roles?

The answer is clear: NO

Echanging salam is richness, wealth, it is about your spiritual wealth and healthiness. Why do you want to take a poor ‘hi’ and leave a rich ‘salam’? Why do you want to leave spiritual and material blessings for poverty ?





Well, as salam alaykum to you all


May Allah bless you, bless your dear ones and shower His Divine mercy upon you all

Stay blessed



A recap on the salam


Salam, islamic salutation

Salam comes from the word s-l-m from which the word islam is also derived from. Islam and salam convey both the sense of peace, unity and friendship.

Allah has wished for us that we greet each other with salam.

We should revive this islamic salutation by always greet our muslim brothers and sisters with:

“As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu”

It is said that salam (salutation) has 70 rewards, 69 parts of which are for one who salutes and one part of which is for one who returns the salutation.


Among the salutations of various nations, `salam’, the islamic salutation and greeting, has a special luminosity, because it indicates both welcoming and peace, pleasure and friendship, and also wish for peace from God for the other person. This is why the salutation of the people of paradise is salam. Moreover, angels of mercy receive the virtuous and good-doers with salam.

Muslims should therefore feel pride in saying salaam in a loud voice; each time you meet a person; even though you meet this same person several times within a day, you should greet him/her with salaam. There is blessing in this word – there lies in it the secret of your success. not greeting salaam or feeling ashamed to greet salam is a weakness in our faith. Those who pretend that they cannot greet salaam at work or in front of non muslims, they have in fact destroyed the very foundation of islam which is based on unity, peace and blessings.

May Allah always keep us strong and sincere in our deen

As salaam wa alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu


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